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  • Cindi

    I bought this as a gift for a friend of mine. She cried and said it was the most thoughtful gift she had ever gotten.
  • Bell

    Love this! It was well crafted, well designed, and great quotes. Will definitely be purchasing again!
  • Queenie

    I'm so happy I found Kindnotes at a time when I just did not know what to say. After the untimely tragic passing of one of my sons best friends, I struggled with what to do for his parents & siblings (whom I really did not know) ...Kindnotes was perfect for this and something I knew the whole family could use. Thank You Kindnotes.
  • Torey

    Super cute! Have my mom one for her birthday and she loved it. It's very small, so it won't take up a ton of space, and the cards inside are delicate and lovely.
  • Worthley

    I bought two as gifts and the recipients both loved them. I wished I would have received them.
  • Trudy

    Sent this to my Aunt who had major surgery and all of her visitors love reading a new one... This made her very happy - a treasured gift that will last longer than flowers!
  • Carol

    The very best gift I ever received from my daughter on Mom's Day!! The "Kind Notes" were beautifully presented, with sentiments that reached my heart. A lovely, lovely gift!! I shall be using this website for future gifts frequently!
  • Sammy

    Agree with ALL the 5-Star Reviews previously written. Not much left for me to offer -- this is Truly a Wonderful item......
  • Lisa

    It was exactly what I ordered. I gave this to my husband on our one year anniversary and he loved it!!
  • Corinna

    Received this as a gift and have now ordered two more for gifts for others -- LOVE THIS!
  • Amy

    I bought this for my grandmother after my grandfather's passing. She thought it was one of the most thoughtful gifts. She said she opened one right away and always looked forward to opening another the next day. Would definitely recommend something like this over flowers. Thanks for helping me make her feel better
  • Chrissy

    Such a thoughtful and beautiful gift for someone who needs support. The great thing about this is it continues to show support and love for an entire year. This is my second KindNotes I've purchased and I will purchase more.
  • Christi

    I was looking for a unique and heartfelt gift for an unexpected loss of a friend's spouse. She said it was the most thoughtful and kind gift she received. She said she read them all immediately and was going to keep it next to her bed and read them before bedtime every night. She smiled and cried and said that every single note hit a cord with her. Thank you for creating a perfect and special gift for such a difficult and challenging time. Just perfect!!!!
  • Tina

    Beautiful and very well made! A truly unique gift and perfect for the 1-year paper anniversary!
  • Carrie

    This was such a unique gift! I LOVE this! Included were some extra notecards to hand out to randomly make someone's day. Nice way to start your day and think positively all day!
  • Bella

    I was very satisfied with my order from your company.  I gave the jar and messages to my mother on mother's day and she was brought to tears.  You have such an original and thoughtful product and  you can be sure that I will spread the word.  I also look forward to using your product in the future for other special occasions.  Good Luck and Thank You
  • Pat

    My husband first received these wonderful notes while trying to recover from a stroke. Recently I requested a jar with plain notes because I wanted to write personal memories to my Aunt Mary for her 90th birthday. I think she will love it. I have used KindNotes many times when a friend or relative is sick or just needs a cheering up. I highly recommend it.
  • Cari

    I am in a long distance relationship and we are very much in love. I sent this to my boyfriend and everyday he reads a quote that he picks out of the jar. This was a great idea and really impressed on the way this was done. The quotes are awesome and really show true meaning. Delivered on time and very well made.
  • Cat

    Unique gift that is very well done. I sent it to my Mother for Mother's Day and she loved it. The little envelopes are so cute!
  • Heather

    I sent this beautiful gift to a friend for her birthday - she absolutely loved it!!!
  • Phyllis

    What a great way to show family and friends that you care about them. Great gift idea . Thanks
  • Joseph

    the recipient loved this gift after a tragedy. very thoughtful item offered as it is better than sending flowers.
  • Stephanie

    This product was received on time and ideally packaged. It is an IDEAL GIFT that gives an embrace with every encouraging note. I Love it and would be purchasing again!!!
  • Linda

    I sent these as a gift and my granddaughter loved them. Every time I have talked to her she mentions how she looks at one every day.
  • Paula

    This is the perfect gift for someone who is in the hospital for an extended period. Our very dear Daughter-in-law sent it to my husband, and he and I both looked forward to a cheery message each morning. When someone isn't interested in food, had enough flowers, and isn't up to reading, KindNotes make the perfect gift.
  • Terri

    Very nice gift. I was looking for something that wasn't the run of the mill and this fit the bill. The little envelopes are adorable and the sayings are on nice card stock. Thank you!
  • Cam

    I have given this KindNotes Keepsake Jar to many of my friends and family for different occasions. A friend recently lost her mother, and found great comfort in the words on each card. I have gotten a great deal of positive feedback after giving this gift.
  • Rosie

    One of the best gifts I have ever sent! I will do this again.
  • Callie

    We sent this to someone who could use some positive thoughts and encouragement, and we didn't want to go with the "traditional" gift basket. Knowing that he can read a cheerful message each day is so nice! Any KindNotes Jar of Messages makes the perfect gift!!
  • Addie

    This is an AMAZING product!! Highly recommend it!!! I purchased this for my best friend for her Mother's funeral, I didn't want to send the typical overpriced flower arrangement. I felt that the KindNotes would mean more to her. She has called me many times to thank me for this gift. It has helped to brighten her thoughts when the sadness slips in. Wonderful gift!!
  • Brittany

    I was so excited when I found KindNotes! I just moved across the country for college this past January. This v-day was also my boyfriend and I's 1 year anniversary and we had to spend it states apart from each other. I wanted the perfect gift to send to him. However, I was having trouble finding a gift that wasn't too V-day oriented because I was more excited for our anniversary and I knew he would be too. Plus, the gifts usually fell into 1 of 2 categories. Unbelievably sappy or not even remotely romantic. But KindNotes was perfect because it let me express how much I care about him not just on V-day but everyday. Plus it was romantic without being so over the top that a guy would be embarrassed by it. And it was very well received. My boyfriend said that when he got it he liked it so much that he sat down and opened all the notes right then. He didn't want to wait the whole month! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to let a guy know how much they care without compromising their masculinity
  • Richard

    The Sympathy jar was nicely done. The small envelopes and messages were well thought out. Good product.
  • Rey

    Literally the best gift you can ever give to that special someone who is overseas!!
  • Sandra

    Want to thank you for the fantastic product, my good friend has cancer and she received my gift yesterday...the notes were from the inspirational series, she's over the moon with the gift, looooves it. Thanks for making my friend so happy.
  • Toshiro

    The customized product I made to order turned out perfectly!  My GF loved the thought behind such a unique gift.  Being deployed away from home helped reminded her that I was always thinking of her.  Thank you kindnotes for a great gift idea!!
  • Jose

    This was an amazing gift for valentines day. A jar filled with notes. Memories and reactions- priceless
  • Nicola

    Very good quality and a Perfect gift ! My girlfriend who is hard to shop for mostly because she has everything absolutely loved this.
  • Paula

    Quality product!! Given as a gift and recipient LOVED it! Very impressed with packaging. Thank you!
  • Camilla

    I am in a ldr and I made the open when letters for my boyfriend to read when I'm gone. I saw this and I liked it. The shipment was really fast and I decided to put the little envelopes inside the open when letters so my boyfriend could have little messages that would mean a lot when I'm not there with him! I'm really satisfied and the product does come in a cute box and a nice glass jar too.
  • Angie

    Beautiful....I purchased this for a dear friend who lost her husband suddenly. I was very impressed with the quality of the jar and notes. The extra notes that came with it will get use as well as I'm sure she'll give them to their children.
  • Cam

    This was my third purchase of a KindNote gift jar. I had previously purchased the "Get Well" Jar. I'm thrilled they have expanded the line for new occasions. This gift has been a hit every time, not only with the recipient, but everyone who has seen it. A part of me doesn't want to tell anyone where I got it so they won't steal my "Go To" gift idea. Highly recommend.
  • Nosheen

    I can't wait to receive this item - it's the perfect way to send personal thoughts to my groom-to-be a day before the wedding. I ordered it today, and accidentally chose the wrong shipping speed. I emailed KindNotes immediately - and received the best - and most personalized - service ever. Within an hour of placing my order, not only had they fixed the speed (I needed it express and had accidentally chosen standard) but they had already processed and shipped it out so I would receive it two days earlier. And they emailed me promptly to let me know.Wonderful, wonderful experience. Right in the middle of wedding planning stress, this was so easy it really made me smile!
  • Tracy

    This was received by a friend who had fallen and had to have hip surgery. I recently spoke to her, after over a month of being in the hospital and going through physical therapy, etc... She said that she loves this gift and is saving every note in a box, so that she can refill the beautiful jar afterwards and keep it handy. She said it was definitely VERY uplifting and a perfect gift to get for the long recovery she is going through.
  • Julie

    A sweet way to remind someone you love of how much they are cherished. And you can always personalize with your own notes, or add to the sweet sayings already provided.
  • Patsy

    I had never heard of kind notes before I was searching the internet one day for something personal and creative. I am so glad I stumbled across it. It came very quickly to my surprise-especially since it was Christmas time. I was so pleasantly surprised. I loved it. The person I gave it to loved it too. Everyday I call the recipient and ask what was in the envelope. Once 31 days are over, the jar will be filled again and my friend will start over. Thank you so much for your creativity.
  • Jinel

    I love this product and will most likely be ordering again. I gave it as a gift and it made the prefect gift for the person who has everything. She loved it too.
  • Leah

    It was fantastic my sister just had total knee surgery she raved about it. Loved the glass jar so pretty and loved the little envelopes with the precious notes inside. Very happy with it she called me couldn't thank me enough.
  • Monica

    I just wanted to thank you for your incredibly fast delivery of a Kind Notes jar that I needed for an early family xmas party. This gift far surpassed my expectations! Beautiful and high quality. I absolutely love it! Everything was top of the line, from easy ordering, super fast delivery, safe & secure packaging to avoid breakage, and product quality that I consider to be outstanding. Thank you!
  • Sam

    I loved my kind notes! I gave them to my boyfriend who lives far away and it is a great way for us to feel connected.
  • Samantha

    I purchased this gift for my mother in-law. She loved it. The jar is presented in a nice box and it is exactly as described. KindNotes is a nice unique gift to give to someone who has everything!