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  • Shyann

    Hi creators of KindNotes! I just have to tell you, this is the best gift idea I have ever seen. I have given it to 3 different people, and I still get texts every so often from them gleaming with love from the message they read. I have my own jar that I read every single day as well. Words are our most treasured gift. Thank you for sharing your art with the world, I believe small things change lives and KindNotes has the power to do just that.
  • Brenda

    I received my Kindnotes order today! The notes are perfect for sending to someone who's going through a rough time right now. The creativity was obvious, the quality exceptional. The tiny envelopes are so cute, and just the right size to read everyday. I'm sure the recipient will be encouraged by such inspirational writing. I'm very pleased with the purchase. Thank you!
  • Sammie

    Sent this to a friend and I was told "this is such a thoughtful gift! I read one of these every day, sometimes two if i need an extra boost. Thank you so much for brightening not just one day, but every day!" That's what a gift should do - I have sent 3 of these so far and each person who receives one echoes the same sentiment. Sometimes when you can't "do" anything, just letting someone know you're thinking of them is a big deal. This gift does that over and over and over.
  • Serneka

    After moving away and being away from friends and family for so long I wanted to send my best friend something special.  I searched the web looking for that special gift and came across the Kind Notes website.  I instantly began playing with the different arrangements and began to customize my jar.  This was the perfect gift!  Once completed, I added keepsakes and sent it on its way.  My best friend was in awe; she called to let me know how truly special the beautifully made treasure made her feel.  When I saw it, it was just as pictured a beautiful arrangement that was well put together with high quality paper and envelopes.  It made an excellent presentation and the thought and meaning behind the notes inside made it even more special.  Whenever I feel I need to lift someone up or want something very special and different, I think of sending Kind Notes.
  • Doris

    This is my second purchase from KindNotes and I remain most impressed and beyond satisfied with the quality and execution of the product. This time I purchased the Sympathy notes. The sentiments expressed are gentle and reassuring, positive and spiritual in a way that is appropriate to any faith.
  • Sanjay

    As soon as my wife opened the beautiful gift, her eyes lit up, and she picked and opened an envelope. The smile on her face was well worth getting this gift. This is a great gift to give to a loved one and remind them to open on days when they don't feel like their best self.
  • Frieda

    Everyone can benefit from a positive thought or quote as they start or go about their day. This item is so wonderful and encouraging. It's a gift you can give and know it will truly lift someone's spirit.
  • Marnie

    The most unique gift I came across and got so many compliments on it. Each note is so unlike any other and truly are uplifting. This will be my go to gift to wish someone a farewell, to get well, or simply just to say I'm thinking of them. Brilliant idea, and so beautifully crafted and put together. I LOVED IT!
  • Stephen

    I bought Kindnotes for my wife on our 39th anniversary. She was and still is thrilled with this gift. Every morning she reads me her kindnote for the day. Thanks for the idea and this wonderful presentation.
  • Lana

    This is such a wonderful idea and is so tastefully done. I didn't want to just send flowers; everybody does that! The product was very pretty and arrived quickly...I am very happy with this purchase and will buy from this company again.
  • Terri

    This item is something so pretty, thoughtful and creative. Thank you for delivering beautifully packages of smiles when my friends needed it the most.
  • Shawn

    Bought this for my wife for our anniversary present and she absolutely loved it! It shipped fast and is high can tell that they paid attention to the details.
  • George

    Wife totally loved this, its an unexpected type of gift. When flowers, candies, and jewelry have become expected and stale, try this!
  • Rachel

    This was a gift from my husband, as we are long distance right now. Anytime I miss him, I open one of the tiny envelopes to read a special love note and it puts a big smile on my face. What a great idea for people who are away from their loved ones! Thank you!
  • Nic

    Guys, your lady will love this. This is a great idea and excellent gift. As a guy it's hard for us to come up with clever gifts for that special someone and this was a huge hit and got me major brownie points with the lady. She LOVED it!
  • Jake

    Wonderful product, bought this for my wife's birthday and she loved them...they are now in her office and she reads them often :)
  • Dee

    OMgosh, I cannot even begin to tell you how great a gift these KindNotes are!!! First off, it's an impressive first impression. The packaging is beautifully wrapped and then the product itself is very visually appealing--exactly what you want when giving a gift. Then, the notes themselves are cute, sincerely thought-provoking and becomes a daily hug from you with each note read. Pure genius!!! These KindNotes beat the crap out of sending flowers!! Young and old will enjoy receiving these notes, no matter the occasion.
  • Laura

    The one-year anniversary is symbolized by paper, and what better gift for that anniversary than kindnotes. I bought kindnotes for my husband for our one-year anniversary and he absolutely loved it. Its such a unique gift that keeps on giving for an entire month. You can even buy more envelopes and paper to refill the jar. Delivery time was very promt and the gift wrapping was so beautiful you almost hated to unwrap it. I recommend kindnotes to everyone for any occasion and will be a returning customer for sure! Thank you kindnotes for help make our first anniversary a special one.
  • Mary

    I have ordered Kind Notes twice now. It is such a wonderful unique gift, and with being able to select (or even write) your own messages, such a personal gift. The response from the recipients was wonderful, I was even receiving pictures of different notes they were reading! It is a gift that is timeless. The customer service is so personal and efficient as well. The care they put into each order along with follow up to ensure satisfaction is something that is lacking in so many companies these days. What a pleasure to do business with such a company, and what a memorable gift for any occasion!
  • Cam

    I have now given this gift for to two people who were recovering from surgery. They were both very grateful for something that they didn't have to water, or eat before it spoiled. The inspirational quotes aren't corny or trite, and the jar is very pretty.
  • Kells

    This gift was extremely detailed and it was the little things that meant the most! The person that received the gift was filled with joy when she received it! Best part is, there are so many gifts within the jar which is great! Thank you for taking the time to create such a detailed gift for everyone to enjoy!
  • Melanie

    KindNotes is, by far, one of the most thoughtful, and most unexpected gifts to give or to have received. I was introduced to this product when I received it from a colleague after the death of my father. It became a daily ritual to start my day reading an inspirational note, to put a smile on my face and keep me moving in a positive direction. My friends at my office soon looked forward to me sharing the daily note with them, and the message became contagious. Interesting what a few words on a small notecard can do for the soul. A dozen people benefited from this one gift, for 30 days! Amazing impact!! I then gifted it to a dear friend when her husband passed, and just recently sent a birthday jar to yet another friend. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving... day after day... to the recipient and those around him/her. Can't say enough about it! LOVE IT!!
  • Christina

    I LOVE KindNotes! I gave them as gifts to a friend, my husband and my mother. Each one of them said the same thing, they loved receiving such a personalized and sentimental gift. My friend took all the information for KindNotes and wants to order one for her mom. My husband loves reading each note and putting them back to read again. My mother savors them and has not used them all in one sitting (like my friend did!) and now my sister wants one too.... Thanks a bunch! shipping was super fast and I loved the personal emails that I received from the associates! Thank thank thank you!!
  • Kimmy

    I got this for my boyfriend and best friend. Somehow, it is even more gorgeous in person. The packaging--that box you see in the background--is cute and stylish and gender neutral. Though the jar is glass, it's very sturdy. The lid comes off easily, and I can't wait to write my messages and put them in there. I was very satisfied with the mail packaging--plenty of bubble wrap and a "fragile" sticker. There is a limited edition extra gift that you will receive if you order soon!
  • Kay

    I gave KindNotes to my daughter on her 51st birthday. They are in the process of moving to a new house, and she is totally stressed out. When she opened the gift and read the first note, she burst into tears and said, "Mom, I really needed this." The one she opened yesterday brought her back to center and cleared the way for a less traumatic day. She called to tell me what a thoughtful and helpful gift this continues to be. I wish I could give this product a hundred stars!!!
  • Vicki

    What a lovely product! This makes the perfect gift for someone going through a hard time, a friend that you always want to know you are thinking of them...or even yourself for an uplifting message. I will be buying more of these to have on the shelf for those moments you need a thoughtful gift.
  • Joan

    I had a dear friend's birthday coming up and was at a loss as to what to get her. She lives in Arizona and I in Maryland, so shipping is always an issue.  I've done flowers and fruit in the past but decided to forgo a gift and just send a card.  I heard about Kind Notes on my local TV news, though it sounded unique and gave it a try.  Loved the entire experience.  I ordered on Tue., and it was delivered on Sat.  Received a call from my friend, she was delighted, and asked where I found such a unique and thoughtful gift, I felt a little guilty taking all the credit for the success of the gift.Not only will I be using Kind Notes again, but I'm sure my friend will as well.
  • Sarah

    KindNotes is exactly what I look for in a gift. It is unique and thoughtful. The thought and time put into these jars is evident. The entire presentation of the jar was on point, from the appearance, the tiny envelopes and the lovely print on the notes inside each envelope. I also loved the “random act of kindness” cards placed in the box. What a great idea! The person receiving this gift gets to pass on the gift of kindness and this world needs more kindness! I am so happy I found these and plan to buy many more Jars for other occasions. Thank you KindNotes for an awesome product!
  • Dana

    I recently sent the KindNotes Inspirational Keepsake Jar as a birthday gift to a friend who later expressed heartfelt gratitude for the gift. Text messaging and social media are quick and easy ways to communicate with family and friends. However, it's great to know that with KindNotes, inspirational messages can be shared with friends the old fashioned way; through the simple "appearance" of hand written notes of encouragement, motivation, and inspiration.
  • Toney

    This made a really great gift. It came with all the notes already in the envelopes and in the jar, ready to go. It's not the "same old typical" type of gift. This is great for just about any occasion. I got it for my step mom. She can be difficult to buy for sometimes, but I wanted to also get her something that would be heartfelt and appreciated. These little notes keep giving for the whole duration of the jar itself so it will certainly last for more than just that "initial" gift. I love it. It's beautiful and great way to give a wonderful gift.
  • Terri

    I can't tell you how happy my friend was to get this as gift. She posted it all over Facebook. I am going to purchase more as gifts for family and friends.
  • Sally

    The product was beautiful once complete. Service impeccable! A great creation - especially for loved ones. I gave 6 kind notes jars for holiday gifts and everyone thought it was such a unique gift. They can't wait to start opening! Especially since I wrote all my own cards full of memories.
  • Belynda

    I purchased this to give to my husband for our 16th wedding anniversary which was on the I say "golden".  I created my own notes-which were very unique to us.  He loved it! He's a "simple" man that doesn't ever want anything so I used my very limited creativity to have Kind Notes help me put together the perfect give for thoughts.  Even this morning he said "I better pull for the cookie jar" and I laughed.  It was a huge hit.  In addition I purchased one of these two years ago for my sister-in-law who is very special to me and I created all the notes and one for each of my kids, and again creating my own notes-all personalized.  THIS PRODUCT ROCKS....AND SO DOES THEIR SERVICE.  THANK YOU to Peyton who emailed with me on making sure my gift arrived in time.  Fantastic all the way around....I would share this with anyone!
  • Sue

    This is a great sympathy gift, that provides a positive outlook for anyone that has incurred a loss and it came in a nice gift box. Definitely will keep this on my list of gifts for the future! Thanks!
  • Northrup

    Saw this wonderful jar full of inspirational notes on Carli Bybel's video...she had received one herself. I have a friend moving to Chicago and thought it would be a great gift...Beautiful jar! She's going to Love It!
  • Michy

    A friend of mine lost a loved one. I generally send flowers with a card. I decided to do something different this time. She received this in the mail and immediately contacted me. She loved it. I think this is a great idea and its something that can be kept forever. I was just happy that she was happy. I haven't seen this item in person but would probably recommend just based on her feedback. It was convenient, affordable and original. I recommend.
  • Patty

    Not only did the package make it there in perfect timing, but it was even better than what we had hoped for. Smooth transaction start to finish! You won't be disappointed.
  • Mary

    This is very cute for a long-distance relationship. The letters look like small copies of the genuine article--a bit vintage.
  • Julie

    I have not personally seen what this looks like but I have sent it to 2 different friends and they tell me it is absolutely wonderful and good quality and a great reminder to have on their desk at work and to remind them of their loved ones..
  • Anita

    Wonderful gift for anyone who is going through a loss. Forget the flowers and send this.
  • Avid

    This was a wonderful gift for a dear friend going through a difficult time. It arrived just as described and was very pretty. She was moved to tears and has conveyed that the messages are a comforting part of her day when she's feeling down. I will definitely be purchasing one of these jars again!
  • Lisa

    Wow, what a wonderful gift! I ordered a jar of KindNotes for my boyfriend and he has not stopped commenting on how great it is that each morning he can open a hand-written note of mine that reminds him how much he means to me and lets him know everything that I love about him. I will definitely be ordering more for other people who are special to me to let them know how much it means to me that they're a part of my life. Thank you all for a great gift-buying experience!
  • Tina

    Such a professional business. Contacted them and they answered my question promptly. I would definitely do business with them again!
  • Amy

    The quality is excellent! This is the gift that keeps on giving in so many ways. The receiver is going to LOVE this gift!
  • Pita

    I absolutely love this gift. KindNotes makes it so easy to give a unique, meaningful and personalized gift. They have a large selection of prewritten messages for all occasions or you can choose to write your own. Peyton was very responsive when I had questions and was a pleasure to work with. The packaging was really nice and the receiver absolutely loved it. Thank you KindNotes Team!
  • Lukas

    I have purchased 2 of these as gifts. Recipients really enjoyed these. They are fun and memorable. Will definitely buy more of these!
  • Jen

    I cannot express how much the people who received this gift loved it. They keep sending me pictures of the notes when they see one they really like.
  • Tina

    I was very happy with my purchase! It's perfect for if your in a long distance relationship. I wanted to get something so that my boyfriend would constantly be reminded of how much I love him. He was so happy which made me happy! I highly recommend this! It was just what I was looking for!
  • Linda

    I bought these for a very good friend's birthday. She lives in another state, but immediately sent me a thank-you email to say she got a jar of the prettiest little envelopes with inspiring messages. She even wrote what the note said. I'm glad I ordered these, and they arrived on her birthday.
  • Thibieroz

    I am traveling for a few months. I got this jar for my boyfriend as a way to think about each other a little every day. He loved it!