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  • Diana

    Gave to my boyfriend who works at sea for long periods of time. He loved it, and it brings us a little closer together everyday.
  • Jean

    This KindNotes Inspirational Gift Jar is a thoughtful, uplifting gift for anyone. My daughter loved receiving hers, which I sent when she was feeling homesick and overwhelmed after moving away for school. She even saved the adorable box it came in to store other little keepsakes and notes.
  • Cally

    I got this for my Mom's birthday and she absolutely loved it! She said it was beautifully presented and the note cards inside made her cry. I would definitely order again.
  • David

    My wife found this for a close friend, beginning to start chemo & radiation. What a great idea, to lift someone's spirits everyday.
  • Mindy

    Bought as a birthday gift for my mother. she absolutely loves it. I had to stop her from reading all the notes at once though:)
  • Jean

    My co-worker is dealing with breast cancer. It is very hard to know what to say or do. This gift was perfect and she enjoys one card every morning. Highly recommend.
  • Catherine

    I recently gave this as a gift for 2 people who lost their parent. They loved it!
  • Angelina

    I sent this to my boyfriend and it's the perfect gift to show that you love them. The sayings inside the thematic envelopes made him remember those wonderful times we spent together .
  • Jillian

    Perfect gift for any occasion! I chose the "special delivery" envelopes because me and my best friend write letters/send care packages to each other regularly. So mail is kind of special to us. This gift is for our 6 year friendship anniversary. I got blank envelopes to write my own messages. Every thing was packaged perfectly and safely. The jar is glass but it comes in a nice box with plenty of bubble wrap. Delivery was quicker than I expected. Overall I am highly satisfied and I WILL buy again!
  • Pam

    Several years ago, I was looking for a concrete way to remind my husband daily of my love for him but wasn't sure what I was looking for...until I happened upon I immediately realized I could fill a jar with notes, each bearing a significant phrase from the many poems I'd written for him during our many years together, and he could keep it in his office. He recently told me he considers it one of the best gifts I've ever given him. He keeps the jar in a prominent place on his desk and retrieves a note now and then. The jar of notes is only second to his wedding ring as an outward reminder of my love for him.
  • Taylor

    I was looking for something "unique" for my husband for our anniversary. I thought this was great and right on target. I was very surprised at how nicely packaged the notes were. And, the greatest praise of all is that my husband loved it and would consider using it for gifts in the future.
  • Christie

    I sent this to my mother for her birthday and she loved it. She said the envelopes were great in quality and she had to stop herself from opening them all at once. She loved the idea of having something new and positive to look forward to every day. The gift was a hit, thank you :)
  • Caden

    This product is thoughtful, unique and was well worth it! My wife absolutely loved it!
  • Karen

    Sent this as a gift to a friend recovering from surgery and he absolutely loved it!
  • Terry

    I must say my wife was amazed...she loved it. I must say it was a lot better than I imagined. Your team did an excellent job and your customer service was amazing. My wife seems to like these notes quite a bit....thanks for making her happy.
  • Ruby

    I purchased this for a family who recently lost their teenage son. In situations like this, it seems like there is nothing that could be helpful, but I took a chance based on the positive reviews. I heard from one of the relatives of the family the day after I gave the gift that it was appreciated and that the mother gave one of the notes to her other children to keep in his pocket. It's not a big jar, but it's very pretty and well presented. I would buy again.
  • Shelby

    I ordered this for my boyfriend as an early Christmas gift. He absolutely loves it.
  • Lisa

    This was a gift and the recipient LOVED it!! She has people grab a note when they are in the office if they are having "one of those days".
  • Tiffany

    I sent this to a friend who had spent an extended time in the hospital and was feeling down and a bit lonely. Once this arrived, he couldn't stop talking about it. The nurses all came in his room just to read a message every day. It truly lifted his spirits in a way I never expected! Great gift!
  • Courtney

    This is a great alternative to flowers. It's a way to let a grieving person know you are thinking about them each day as well as give them some kind words to help them heal. There is something about the process of getting through that first month after tragedy that is also symbolic. The packaging was adorable and the notes carefully folded and well crafted.
  • Karen

    I have ordered three different versions of this. One for my mom, one for my best friend, and one for myself. I absolutely love these and will most likely be ordering more in thr future!
  • Trey

    Great present. My girlfriend loved it and sends me a picture of the note everyday when she opens it. It arrived 2 days early which was excellent. Highly recommended.
  • J

    Brilliant!  Sent it to a friend who is long distance and picked out the sayings.  They love it and everyday when they open a message they photograph it and send me a photo of the card so we can share it!  Really well thought out gift!
  • Jesse

    This was the best present I have ever given! It is so thoughtful and unique, and I will definitely return to do it again. My fiance loved the little messages every morning
  • Lee

    I sent this gift to my boyfriend who lives in a different state. He calls me every morning to read me a card. They are all so accurate, and describes the way I truly feel. This is the most clever, smart, and best gift ever. Thank you.
  • Blessing

    Absolutely perfect! The jar is a great keepsake, I told my deployed husband he could throw away the jar if he didn't have space for it, an put the notes in a drawer or something, he said-" I really like the jar, gonna keep it" surprised me.
    What a great way to send a soldier encouragement. If you're looking for a gift for someone you don't know what to buy... this is it. Who doesn't appreciate a kind word,

    I would get this as a white elephant gift, or a birthday for a co worker , obviously not the love ones -- but they have many options for the type you can get. Well packaged, and well worth it!
  • Tina

    My friend absolutely loved this gift. I'm living out of the country right now so every time she reads one of the notes she can think of me. A friend of hers purchased one for her friend after seeing the one I gave to my friend.
  • Clare

    Best gift for someone who needs a little pick me up.
  • Matt

    I purchased a Jar of Personalized Messages for my wife. Since I am deployed and cannot be around she absolutely loves the fact that she can open up a little envelope everyday and receive a special message from me. I am very happy with the product and it was well worth the money I spent on it.
  • Elizabeth

    The most unique gift I came across, and got so many compliments on it. Each note is so unlike any other and truly are uplifting. This will be my go to gift to wish someone a farewell, to get well, or simply just to say I'm thinking of them. Brilliant idea, and so beautifully crafted and put together! I LOVED IT!
  • Nancy

    A wonderful and unique gift idea that delighted the recipient. Arrived very quickly, was impeccably packaged and beautifully boxed. I'm sure I will be ordering more for other friends. Thanks!
  • Melissa

    This gift is just awesome for a few reasons. It's very pretty from the cards inside to the small glass container it comes in. The messages inside are uplifting and kind. This gift is something I'll be purchasing again.
  • Dennis

    Just wanted to say thanks for a great product, shipping, and customer service!! What a great gift idea, and my wife loved that I wrote all the little love notes and memories for a personal touch. You're winner, and you made me one!
  • Joe

    So simple yet shows such a caring gesture. Fiance loved this as part of our anniversary gift. Definitely recommend.
  • Ann

    I purchased this for a gift and it is lovely!
  • Michelle

    Great Product! Sometimes its difficult to find a nice present to show how much we care about our loved ones, and i think these kindnotes are perfect to do so.
  • Sharon

    Absolutely beautiful, and, a thoughtful gift for anyone with cancer!
  • Mike

    Product received as advertised and elegantly wrapped. What a great idea!
  • Sarah

    Purchased for my sister as a birthday gift and she loved it!! Now she wants to get one as a gift for someone else. It was very well packaged and has a nice enough presentation to sit out on a dresser or desk.
  • Jared

    I sent this to my girlfriend in Florida and she absolutely loved it. Very pleased with everything. Thought this was very romantic.
  • Kym

    I cannot say enough about!!! I have purchased two jars so far and each person thought it was the best gift ever!! It allows you to show so much love and appreciation for a person and gives them a special pick me up note everyday!! Happy to be ordering my third one soon!!!!
  • Suzan

    I had this sent to my grandma's house. She hasn't been feeling well, so I thought she might need some encouraging. It's pretty neat that I can send her a gift of daily encouragement for a solid month, instead of a traditional gift basket filled with unhealthy snacks. She said it was very pretty and the small envelopes and notes were very nice. She seemed to appreciate it very much. I recommend this as a great alternative to the more typical get well gifts (e.g. stuffed animals, candy, balloons, etc.).
  • Cheryl

    I bought this for a friend who was having a hard month at work. She LOVED it. We live in different states, so this was an easy way for me to send her happy thoughts and remind her that I care. I plan to buy another for other friends, my mom and maybe even my step-daughter when she leaves for college.
  • Polly

    A close friend had just received a very serious cancer diagnosis.She was about to begin a grueling regime of chemotherapy,radiation, medication, and surgery. Needless to say her mood was low. After looking high and low for something to brighten her days, I spotted these KindNotes. They were just what she needed to give her strength and comfort. The container is also in her favorite colors. They arrived on time and were very much appreciated. I highly recommend them.
  • Betty

    What a great gift idea. We purchased it for a friend that just lost her mother. She loves that she can reach in the jar and get a little "pick me up" anytime she needs it. Amazing!!! We loved how beautifully it was packaged.
  • Amy

    Such a unique gift. the recipient loved it. It was just what I was looking for to send to someone to make their day.
  • Priscilla

    This was a great purchase. The inspirational quotes are very meaningful especially to help someone get through a difficult time. I was very happy with this purchase.
  • Lalino

    Glass gift jar is beautifully crafted and packaged. The positive quotes help inspire my family everyday. Nice gift for those in a difficult time or need to learn how to defeat negative self-talk and beliefs. Makes a nice gift to enjoy and share.
  • Paul

    My fiancee was going through a tough time and since I live far away, this gift was perfect. She was truly overjoyed when she opened the box.
  • Lynn

    I was searching for a gift that I could give for a loss of a child. There are really no words I could say, so I thought this was perfect. It was in a really nice jar and the envelopes and cards are very warm and comforting.