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About Us

Knowing that every handmade jar of KindNotes is sending a smile to someone each day is the most rewarding part of our business. Learn how it all flourished.

How long has it been since you last received a handwritten letter in the mail? With exception to the monthly bills and notices, we are guessing it’s been a very long time! You probably feel nostalgic now that we’ve reminded you…

A love story
The first KindNotes was made more than a decade ago. Its creator loved getting handwritten letters in the mail and thought about how amazing it would be to get one every day. She loved the idea so much and wanted to do this for her then-boyfriend. However, she worried that he might find the gesture a bit too much and drive him away! Not ready to give up on her idea of sending handwritten letters, she wrote 31 notes on small pieces of paper instead. And to recreate the thrill of opening old-fashioned mail, she stuffed each one into equally tiny envelopes and put them all together in an embellished jar and gave it to her boyfriend. He adored the handmade present and began his days by opening a note, a daily ritual that never failed to make him smile. They are now happily married.

Spreading love since 2007
Years later in 2007, she decided to share her creation with the world in hopes of bringing smiles and positivity to those who need it, when they need it. She wanted to provide a product of artisan quality and more importantly, one that is sure to be the pick-me-up for the recipient no matter their circumstances. It didn’t matter if handcrafting each jar of KindNotes will take a good amount of time, as long as her creation leads to happy customers who can spread smiles and kindness to others.

Your gift, your words
As a key element, our customization wizard is one of our product’s most important features, giving shoppers a chance to add their personal touch to each jar by picking the design and messages. It’s such a great way to send love, good thoughts, and well wishes to friends, family, coworkers, and to anyone special.

KindNotes continues to be the gift of choice for many because of its great quality and distinctiveness. Our community of beautiful and thoughtful people continue to grow, spreading cheer where they or their jar of KindNotes go.

To us, creating each jar of KindNotes is such a rewarding experience. Just the thought of people out there beginning each day with a smile because of it makes our day!