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  • Michelle

    My husband gave me one of these jars for my birthday over the summer and I was so happy to find them again to give as a birthday gift for my mother! The messages are very sweet, can be given and received between many types of people (siblings, children, spouses, etc). The tiny little envelopes are very sweet. Will recommend to friends.
  • Robert

    This was a gift for a women's birthday. She has had a rough year with several physical injuries. I thought this gift would help her keep her spirits up with the inspirational messages. She absolutely loves it. Not only is it attractive, but also serves a good purpose. I'll keep this gift in mind for future occasions.
  • Kristina

    Absolutely adorable. Great gift - I will buy more for Christmas!
  • Patricia

    What a thoughtful gift for someone. Love how the little notes are packaged. Thank you so much.
  • Shannon

    This was a gift for my cousin who is going through a very hard time.. It was the PERFECT gist and such a wonderful keepsake. I wanted to do something that would last a lifetime--and was so excited when I found this!
  • Janet

    I bought this for a friend/mentor that was having some personal challenges and I wanted to do something tasteful and simple to give her encouragement whenever she needed. I have to say not only did I like the product when it came, but my friend LOVED it. She even opened a couple in one day just to help give her a boost. The messages were right on point! This is a well put together product that did exactly what it was intended to do...let someone know they were loved :)
  • Fey

    Great gift! One of my close family friends just lost a loved one and I didn't feel like flowers would suffice and thought this was be a more personal and thoughtful gesture. She loved it and thanks me for the notes each day when she opens a new one. Would recommend!
  • AJ

    A really nice gift!! Well designed and good customer support. I highly recommend this item as a gift.
  • Chris

    I'm sending this to my wife who is deployed and this a perfect daily thoughtful gift to let her know the kids and I love and miss her! PERFECT!
  • Suzette

    This is a wonderful gift for friends or family grieving over the loss of a loved one. It is beautiful, the messages thoughtful, very kind and healing. I highly recommend this option when choosing something to give to a grieving loved one.
  • Christie

    My friend recently lost her mom and I sent this gift to her. She was extremely touched and says the notes help her get through the bad days. Flowers don't last long but these notes and beautiful jar will. Very pleased with my purchase.
  • Shannon

    This was a gift for my cousin who is going through a very hard time.. It was the PERFECT gift and such a wonderful keepsake. I wanted to do something that would last a lifetime--and was so excited when I found this!
  • Linda

    This was bought for a dear friend who unfortunately lives too far to visit as much as I would like. I wanted to give her something that she could use to remind herself not only of our conversations but of all the positive things that can help send you on a great path. This did that! It is beautiful and meaningful and expressed exactly what I needed it to.
  • Anjelica

    i purchased this gift for a friend whom was having a rough time emotionally. when it arrived it was very nicely gift wrapped and just so well done. the notes were great and the quotes on the card can make anyone's day a lot brighter. i do highly recommend this product whether for a friend in need of a little pick me up or for a birthday gift. really was a great find and just what i was looking for. very nice!
  • Maria

    It was such a gift to all my staff, to be able to lift our spirits back up, after each had the opportunity to read out loud one of these amazing notes. I received so many good compliments about this jar, and many have asked info on how to buy them for themselves. I encourage anyone and everyone to go ahead and purchase this jar of kind notes, it's really an amazing jar to have at all times. I'm definitely going to be purchasing more for colleagues and friends.
  • Tjo

    Ordered this as a birthday present for a friend who recently lost her father and was a little depressed. I was very impressed with how attractive the packaging and product are and she has loved it! She has messaged me more than once to say that the notes really helped through moments when she was feeling down. What a wonderful idea! If I had more time I would do the write your own notes one too!
  • Sally

    This is a great gift for a friend that has everything. Everyone can use a word of encouragement at times.
  • Abby

    Love these sweet notes!!! I ordered this plus the mom one last minute for Christmas and it was better than expected! In our busy lives this will give my best friend a chance to stop and get a sweet message when she needs a pick me up!! Love the notes so perfect
  • Wendell

    This was a gift for my spiritually-leaning older sister, and she loved it. She especially likes the randomness of the affirmations.
    After her response, and my examination, I suspect this and other similar products will be part of our daily rituals.
    We were both pleased.
  • Cindy

    I bought this for my mother at Christmas. I loved the idea and snuck a peek at some of the notes before I wrapped it up. This is a really neat little jar of love! Mom has kept this jar on her kitchen table and is leaving little open notes and envelopes opened up and is putting them back as she reads them. It's adorable and thoughtful. I love this a lot and it seems as if mamma does too!
  • Michelle

    I bought this as a holiday gift for my boss and it was a huge hit! The colorful presentation is fun and cheerful, making it a great desk accessory and the inspirational quotes are touching and poignant. Highly recommend this as a personal gift or a gift for someone special. It will certainly help brighten your day!
  • LaToya

    I purchased this as a gift for my mom's 72nd birthday and she is so pleased!
  • Patty

    Prefect gift for a friend to remind them of your friendship and to lift them up on any given bad day.
  • Reese

    I absolutely love the KindNotes Inspirational Keepsake Gift Jar! It was purchased as a gift for my daughter who was going through a tough patch. The messages have helped her and the jar, notes, envelopes all appear so special and personalized. The gift is fabulous!
  • Rachel

    Absolutely loved this jar of Kind Notes. I gave it to a friend for her birthday and she wanted to read all the cards at once because it was so cute.
  • Marge

    These inspirational notes were sent as a gift to a friend in the hospital. She commented that she loved them and even the nurses would come and pull an envelope and read one of the notes. One nurse commented it was the perfect gift for someone in the hospital. Thank you so much.
  • Laura

    We chose this as a gift for one of our coworkers who lost some one important to her and she really likes it. We thought it would be great to give a gift that will last longer than flowers and allow some comfort in the midst of her lost. It is small enough to place on a desk at work or at home and is packaged nicely. It looks just like the photo in the example.
  • Smith

    Absolutely beautiful and very inspirational. This helped me greatly with my mom's passing. Thank you!
  • Nafisah

    This is the second time I bought this product. it's wrapped well and very thoughtful! It's for everyone!!
  • Betsy

    My husband and I are apart for three months. My anniversary gift to him included these cute airmail love notes. He really liked them. The product is well-designed and well-presented. Great idea.
  • Irieri

    I bought this as a part of a birthday present for my mom and she loved it! The detail and craftsmanship is top quality. I would highly recommend it! The product arrived just as advertised.
  • Becky

    I sent these to my boyfriend while we were apart this summer and he absolutely loved them! If you want to express your love and how much you miss someone, this is the perfect gift!!!
  • Paige

    I was looking for something to send that would be longer lasting than a floral arrangement. This was the perfect gift.
  • Sarah

    This is such a great idea. I got it for a friend and some of the girls I work with to cheer them up and they all loved them. I love the concept and to put someone in a good mood instantly is awesome!
  • Felix

    My wife loved it & it was wonderful surprise for her birthday. It arrived in the exact amount of time promised.
  • Diane

    I gave these notes as a gift to my friend who is battling cancer. She loves them, she had tears in her eyes when she opened them. I also just love these KindNotes. They are the perfect gift for different occasions! Thank you
  • Sara

    I didn't see the product for myself, but my friend called after he received it and was very appreciative of the gift.
  • BJ

    A wonderful gift - I've purchased several this year and all recipients have been pleased. Thoughtful quotations put together by a caring creator of these notes. Here I am again to say the most recent purchase of another Friendship Keepsake Jar was the best gift of the season! People love these jars and the tiny messages inside the jar. Think of buying one for a lonely person in a nursing home, buy one for a shut-in neighbor...a good thing!
  • Marty

    The gift was perfect. I opted for the handwritten notes and the handwriting was awesome. It makes mine look like chicken scratch. The jar was beautiful as were the envelopes. My mother was thrilled. For the time being I am the favorite kid again.
  • Marwa

    My totally unromantic husband loved them! if i forgot to put one in his wallet one day he asks where it is!! i actually just ordered another one with love messages!
  • Tom

    It came at a really good time for my friend who is having a tough time at work. Really made her week. Nice thoughtful gift!
  • Kirsten

    These are perfect gifts for any occasion. They are really pretty and the cards can be reused. I am glad I found these.
  • Lam

    Such a wonderful & thoughtful gift! I purchased this for a friend who lost their father last year. He loved it! Nice to have something positive and inspirational to read everyday in the most trying of times. Definitely recommend!
  • Alexis

    It is such a nice gift to give. Super special and great for any occasion. Got one for my grandma and then later for my mom. They both loved it. It has great presentation, well made and looks good sitting on a counter. Definitely recommend.
  • Alli

    Small but perfectly formed, this has the look straight away of a special gift. It comes in a really nicely presented white box, which makes wrapping a breeze. It really is a one-of-a-kind gift, designed to make the recipient feel loved. Fantastic!
  • Dot

    Our sister recently returned home from being hospitalized. She had this gift of KindNotes waiting for her when she got home. According to a family member helping to care for her: "Truly – that jar with daily sayings – she loves it! She was so excited to show me…. It is really neat". Thank you for helping us brighten our sister's day (every day)!
  • Chris

    Order came promptly and packaged well. Product was good quality. The notes were well written and thoughtful and made a very nice gift.
  • Cheri

    I ordered this as a gift for someone very close to me who needed encouragement and a reminder of how much they are loved! This was exactly what was needed. I got the most sincere heart felt thanks for a beautuful, thoughtful, and well crafted gift.
  • Jeanne

    My oldest daughter who lives a distance from me, sent me  your "Kind Notes" for mother's day and used song lines to fill her note cards. I read one every day and enjoy the messages she sends me through these little notes. Because I liked it so very much - I ordered from you myself to give a gift to my dearest friend. I used special moments we shared throughout our friendship to fill my note cards and know that she is enjoying reading them every day as well. Your product is a wonderful idea and is such a special way to let someone know how much they mean to you. Thank you so much. I am sure I will be ordering again
  • Nicole

    A coworkers dad passed away and I bought this for her. She keeps it at work and pulls a new one when she needs a cheer. It's gorgeous and every one opened so far she's loved.