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  • Kimba

    My boyfriend LOVED this. Very unique and you can pick your own quotes. Very nice way to remind someone that you are thinking of them daily!
  • Ed

    Was able to see this opened after giving it to my fiance for our one year anniversary. The cards were well written and the glass jar was nice.
  • Judith

    This was the perfect 1st Anniversary gift for my daughter and it came so quickly. Love it!
  • Jenny

    I ordered this and personalized the notes for my best friend's 30th birthday. She was more than floored and sends me text messages each time she opens one letting me know how amazing she thought the give is and continues to be. I will be ordering one for my mother in law for Christmas too!
  • Heather

    I was so excited when I found KindNotes online!  My Dad was turning 60 and I wanted to get him something special for his birthday.  He journals everyday and has often said You will learn all kinds of things when I am gone.  As we talked about the things he had learned during 60 years of his life I thought I would love for my children to have Words of Wisdom from their Grandfather.  So, I bought him a jar with blank notes and gave him a note that said write down you thoughts and wisdom to us, the kids as a whole, or individuals to open at a certain point in time (i.e. Graduation).  I pray that he is here to celebrate all of those milestones with us and share one-on-one but this was a great way tap in to something he loves anyway, writing.  He has enjoyed this gift and I can't wait to read the notes!
  • Haley

    I'm now a huge fan of KindNotes! My first was for my boyfriend to remind him of my feelings each day while we were temporarily so far apart. He absolutely loved it and said the presentation was excellent. I will definitely be using KindNotes again because there's just so many different ways you can adapt this gift and it's a fantastic fast service. Very good value for the price!
  • Crystal

    My mother loved it
  • Bri

    I just want to say "Thank You!!!" for such a wonderful idea. I gifted my boyfriend a jar of KindNotes on our anniversary and he loves it! He loves opening one envelope every morning to start his day with a little smile, and said he's going to recycle them for months to come =)Thanks again!
  • Snoopy

    2nd purchase for another friend and great response once again. Both loved it and look forward to reading the "letter" each morning
  • Kayla

    I had ordered this for my fiance who lives 1076 miles away from me! He is really enjoying opening one of them every day. I had fun selecting each little detail of this package. Thank you for creating a product that at least makes our long distance apart from one another a little bit more bearable!
  • Lesli

    The perfect gift for my dearest friend. It made her day to receive the jar of "Kind Notes", and I'll be ordering more for other family members. Also, customer service was outstanding! I made an error on my shipping info and they responded promptly to my email and took care of everything so that my gift would arrive on time. I was so grateful...and so was my friend!
  • Stephanie

    I was in touch through the entire process of choosing and sending my parcel to the one I I am back to say a very big thank you for all the additional and personalized effort that was put together by you and your team to make my first anniversary gift so special. My Boyfriend loved it so much, he loved the whole idea and packing and the envelopes...he simply loved it and will cherish it forever.
  • Luanne

    I was thrilled with the product. I purchased it as an anniversary gift for my boyfriend. I was going on a family cruise and thought he could get a personalized message from me each day during my trip. He loved it and commented on how appropriate it was during my absence. I sprayed a few rose petals with my perfume and it reminded him of me every time he opened the jar! Thanks for offering a great product
  • Beverly

    A lovely product , and a perfect gift for a good friend. I love it. She is always upbeat and and inspiration to me . This was THE perfect gift for her.
  • Ginger

    I gave this as a birthday gift and my Friend thought it was very special and she loved idea of reading a positive note every morning to start her day off right. Thank you!
  • Alpha

    Had this delivered as a gift for someone's birthday. Love the concept that if they just need a quick pick-me-up or inspiration that's it's just a reach away. The design/display is super cute and love the variety the company has.
  • Mary

    An ill friend really appreciated it.
  • Gayla

    I recently gave my husband a gift of notes for our 4th wedding anniversary. I gave him the jar with notes from me and asked him to take it to work with him and open one every day this month. He usually e-mails or calls to tell me what the note of the day said. He told me tonight that he loves the gift!
  • Vaccari

    Such a great gift idea for someone that may need some kind words now and then!
  • Paul

    My daughter-in-law, was really excited to receive this....she had just had major surgery, and it was very thoughtful.......
  • Michelle

    I just wanted to send you a 'Kind Note' to let you know that my friend recovering from surgery received her order very promptly and was very excited by it. I myself received a recent order from another friend and never heard of your product. Once I received my order, I thought it was much better than getting flowers, it will last forever! Your customer service team was very efficient and I appreciate the quick turnaround on my questions.
  • Amy

    Gave this to my sister as a thank you for something she did for me. It is a beautiful product. Very personal and thoughtful.
  • Renee

    Such an awesome gift for a friend that has everything! I just love it. I will be buying more, that's for sure.
  • Jacina

    I experienced better customer service and quality product delivery from this site than any other website or store. A week ago I discovered your company and was thrilled. I was about to purchase it when I realized that I needed the product sooner than the fastest shipping allowed. After reading a couple other comments, I decided to email you and ask if there was any way for faster shipping. I emailed late at night and within in two minutes I had a reply saying to purchase it and they would send it express. I did exactly that and I received it even sooner than I needed it. And on top of that, the quality was amazing. It was beautiful, yet masculine enough for my guy. As a words of affirmation guy, he loved it. This is an amazing way to show someone, whether a romantic relationship or otherwise, that you love them and care about them. It\'s a gift that can last forever and can be repeated under many circumstances. Thank you for your company. You help bring much love into this world through it.
  • Heather

    I just wanted to let you know that I recently gave my mother the KindNotes jar as a present and she loved it! My mom and I have a very close relationship; she is certainly my best friend. I came across your website one day and knew right away that I wanted to get this special and unique gift for her. I used some of your sentimental quotes along with many of my own personalized messages that I included in the beautiful KindNotes jar that I gave her. When she opened it she even said "I don't think I'll ever be able to top this gift, it is just so special
  • Victoria

    Very thoughtful gift to give for a Birthday or to brighten a friend's day.
  • Jen

    The product is beautifully packaged and I gave it as a birthday gift to my boss and he absolutely loved it. What a literally thoughtful gift idea!
  • Alyssa

    I loved this item! I got it for my mom for her birthday, and she LOVED it! It's the perfect present for anyone who has been feeling discouraged or even someone who just needs a happy thought each day! Also, it comes with cute little cards for her to spread happiness to others who she encounters!
  • Laura

    What an awesome gift, my boyfriend loved it!!
  • JZ

    Love this concept. I was looking for something to cheer up a friend who's out of town, and she was really happy with the gift.
  • Sandra

    A beautiful gift. So simple yet unique.
  • Chari

    This unique gift is so amazing. I'm always searching for a thoughtful and unique gift, and this meets both. The cards are beautiful, as are the vase and decor. The first one we received was broken, however we received a replacement immediately and I couldn't be more satisfied, the best part is my niece loved it and I can't wait to send another!
  • Iris

    Thank you so much for the quick responses to my queries, the super delivery of the container I ordered, and the superior service all the way around! I know this unique gift will be cherished for years to come. I will be happy to spread the news and share your website with my family and friends
  • Jessica

    Such a wonderful idea. Bought it for my sisters that are out of state so when they need a pick me up they have me nearby! Fast shipping and great company to work with. Thanks!
  • Pete

    Great Mother's Day gift. My wife loved it! Highly recommend.
  • Tina

    I love KindNotes! I gave a jar to my roommate when she was upset about her job, and she cried because it was so thoughtful! She kepts it on her desk at work and everytime she had a bad day there, she opened an envelope full of an inspirational quote that I had chosen
  • Janet

    Made for a very thoughtful get well gift!
  • Rebecca

    Our family loved the chance last Christmas to write down the things they wanted to tell her (mom) on notes that perhaps some felt they could not express to her in person. I sat with her after Christmas in the nursing home and read the notes to her each of her children and grandchildren had written. Again, the jars sit in prominent spots right next to our mothers' easy chairs. The jars can be used for so many occasions and so many reasons and evoke so many emotions for both the giver and the receiver. I can't tell you how much the jar brings families together and the love it holds and represents. As I said, it is perhaps only second to a wedding ring or family heirloom in its significance. One never knows ... a personal note from the jar could be the last thing one of us gets to say to and read by our loved one.
  • Rebecca

    God bless you for making a product that encourages maintaining personal connections with loved ones in a culture that has become impersonal and disconnected. One never knows ... a personal note from the jar could be the last thing one of us gets to say to and read by our loved one
  • Ann

    I wanted to just let you all know that I received the anniversary gift that I ordered from you and I am so pleased and impressed by the quality of the presentation and the handwriting was beautiful.  My husband loved it and he actually cried.  It is really difficult to find a thoughtful and personal gift to give someone and I was so happy to be able to present him with such a lovely and unique gift.  Many thanks, and I will be sure to let others know about your fantastic business
  • Michael

    I am currently working in Singapore and sent this to my girlfriend in the states for her birthday. In one of the notes I told her about a trip I was going to take her on for her birthday once I return. She absolutely loved it! She has one note to open every day that we are apart with some kind of message or inside joke on each one. This is a really unique gift especially for long distance couples. I got the handwriting service and the whole thing gift wrapped so I could do everything online and have it waiting for her at her door after work. She absolutely loved it!!!
  • Marwa

    I purchased a jar of kind notes for my husband for our anniversary. I liked the concept and it was an original idea. My husband has the jar sitting on his desk at work where he can retrieve a message at anytime and know that I am thinking of him and that I love him.
  • Chelsea

    I couldn't wait one more minute to get online and post a comment about KindNotes. If you are looking for the prefect sentimental gift from the heart, look no further. This gift is exactly what I was looking for to give my boyfriend for Valentines day. Not only are the notes and presentation of the jar fabulous, the customer service I have received was phenomenal. The package was sent very fast and was packed delicately. I did have a few questions along the way while waiting for my delivery and all my emails were responded to in less than 24 hours. Thank you so much for creating such a special gift and for your outstanding customer service!
  • Carlton

    For my wife and I, we were celebrating our very 1st anniversary, and this gift absolutely blew her away! I'd definitely recommend this for any anniversary gentlemen b/c it's such a "think outside the box" type of gift that's a sure 'nuff winner that she'll love forever!
  • Carole

    The recipient of this gift LOVES it! Very happy with this purchase :)
  • Mindy

    The presentation was beautiful!!! You do a beautiful job putting it all together and your website is extremely user friendly and accommodating. Additionally, your choice in inventory is beautiful and varied. Thank you for the gift that everyone is raving about!!!
  • Lisa

    I purchased a KindNotes jar for my husband for Christmas. I wanted to let him know how much he is appreciate and loved in a creative and unique way that he could cherish forever. You certainly delivered. He loved it and so did I....the presentation was elegant, prices reasonable, and it saved me a lot of time in the long run with the perfect quotes you had to choose from. The overall quality is remarkable...
  • Joe

    As I am currently working overseas, I'm not often able to organise special gifts so I wanted something really special to make my wife feel loved and wanted everyday. Love notes is exactly what I was searching for! She loves it! I was able to tailor the notes so they were all relevant. It's the next best thing to me actually being there because everytime she reads a note it reminds her that I'm thinking of her at that very moment
  • Terri

    Just wanted to tell you how much our friend was touched by the sympathy vase we had ordered from you. She thought it was unique and very touching - it made her cry. Thank you so much for this idea and the prompt response to me order
  • ACE

    This is an AMAZING product!! Highly recommend it!!! I purchased this for my best friend for her Mother's funeral, I didn't want to send the typical overpriced flower arrangement. I felt that the KindNotes would mean more to her. She has called me many times to thank me for this gift. It has helped to brighten her thoughts when the sadness slips in. Wonderful gift!!