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Why Love Notes Make a World of Difference in Any Relationship

What was the last note you sent to your significant other? If you’re like most of us, you can look at your phone and find it rather quickly because it was probably a text. Maybe it was a mundane request to pick up dinner on the way home or a sweet kissy face emoji.

Now, what if we asked you to find the last handwritten love note you gave to your S/O? Could you?

Don’t worry, this isn’t a quiz, and there are no wrong answers. Most people are texting their emotions to the ones they love—and maybe even taking the time to write a couple of extra lines in the card they brought home from the store.

But we’re kind of old fashioned and would like to see love letters make a comeback. We think there is nothing as romantic as a handwritten love letter.

This is why.

Love Letters are Personal

Let’s say you are shopping for anniversary or birthday gifts for your wife and it’s time to select the card. Sure, you can read the whole rack until you find the one that most closely conveys the feelings in your heart, but no card will ever say it in the way that only you can. Your distinct manner of speech, the words you choose, and the memories and experiences you have with your significant other are uniquely yours. No one else can write about them like you can.

love letters

Letters Last

Whether or not you intend for your love letter to be a lasting memento, it probably will. Something as deeply personal as a handwritten love note is something your loved one will cherish, tuck away, and take out to read again. And again. And that’s a good thing. When they miss you, when they’re having a bad day, when they want to be reminded of how much you love them, your letters can be a comforting keepsake. We can’t think of any better one year anniversary gifts than a written remembrance of all the cherished moments of your first year together. And hey, maybe it even becomes an annual tradition.

You Can Pour Your Heart Out

Some people aren’t very good at saying what they feel but are a whole lot better at writing it down. Looking someone in the eye and saying something deeply personal may be too intense. But writing down what you would really like to say without the pressure of having to say it out loud can be incredibly freeing. You may finally get the chance to say all the things you would like to say, but it isn’t in your nature to say them out loud. What better anniversary gift idea for her than to express the feelings you have been carrying in your heart but have never told her.

KindNotes Can Help

Writing love letters doesn’t come easily for everyone, so let KindNotes give you a hand. KindNotes is a gorgeous jar of 31 love notes in mini decorative envelopes they can open every day, all at once, or anytime they need to be reminded of your love. You can choose blank papers to write your personal messages or you can select from our library of sweet love messages. Whether you are in a long distance relationship, newlyweds, or celebrating your 50th anniversary, KindNotes is a thoughtful gift they will cherish forever.

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