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Going Off to College Gifts Everyone Will Love

When it is time to send your child to college, you want to set them up for a successful school year of studying, spreading their wings, and making smart choices. So, make sure to stock up on all the essentials, but make room for a few reminders of home to keep homesickness at bay and gifts of encouragement to keep them persevering when the road gets challenging.

These are some of our favorite dorm room gifts that don’t take up too much room, but will make a huge impact:

Call Mom! Pillowcase

college gifts

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You may think this goes without saying, but you may be surprised that they will actually need to be reminded to call mom or dad (not text!) every once in a while. So if subtlety isn’t exactly your strong suit, go ahead and throw this pillowcase into their suitcase and let them find it on their own. They’ll get the hint.

Keep Calm and Study On Mug

going away to college gifts

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For most college students who are cramming for finals and studying at all hours of the day and night, caffeine becomes another food group. So, send them off with this white ceramic mug that reminds them to chill, yet persevere. Good reminder, right?

Leather Journal

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Going off to college is often the first big adventure a young person makes on their own. This gorgeous leather journal will give them the opportunity to document their experiences and savor in it all. You can even write a sweet note on the first page for them to discover when they’re at school.

Custom Pet Portrait Blanket

college gifts

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Moving away from the dog or cat can be a difficult transition for anyone, especially a child who grew up right alongside the family pet. This sweet blanket is a popular college student gift that can go anywhere they go and keep memories of their cuddly furry sibling back at home alive at all times.  You choose the photo, and it will be replicated—exactly—on the blanket size of your choice.

Gummy Bear Lights

college gifts

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Cute and practical, these gummy bear lights will look adorable sitting next to their bed. Especially on those first few nights of getting used to their new dorm room, if they need to get up in the middle of the night, this is an easy-on/easy-off solution. It lights up with just a squeeze of the belly and features an optional one-hour timer.

Notes of Encouragement

There are many things you will want your college student to remember in their first days, weeks, months, even years of college. Send them to school with inspirational college dorm gifts like notes that tell them you will always be there for them, to keep pushing even when the going gets tough, and that achieving their dreams is possible.

KindNotes is the perfect way to give your student notes of encouragement they can read anytime they need to. KindNotes customizable jars include 31 handcrafted messages, enclosed in mini decorative envelopes that can be opened all at once, one a day, or anytime they need a pick-me-up. Choose from our most popular designs in our completed sets, then select from our library of Away to College messages—or write your own words of encouragement.

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