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Should We Stay Old Fashioned in the Digital Age?

Nostalgic Birthday Gifts Sentimental Long Distance Relationship Gifts Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts

Remember letters? They were so personal. You could see when the writer’s hand grazed the wet ink and left behind a smudge—or even a fingerprint. When their pen moved faster than their thoughts, resulting in a scribbled-out word you’d try to make out, for a glimpse into what they were really thinking in that moment. And when the right emotion could only be conveyed through wild abandonment of single, double, or triple underlines and reckless punctuation.

What happened to writing letters? Oh, that’s right, the Internet. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

No one can dispute the good old interwebs have made communication more accessible and farther-reaching; in a word: efficient. In another word: unromantic.

And letters aren’t the only victim of the digital age. We’ve become so accustomed to pointing and clicking our lives away that we’re actually e-giving e-gifts.

So, what if we took a step back in time and looked for gift ideas that give a nod to nostalgia and indulge your recipient with memories of their past. Like these.

Vintage Candy

vintage candy

Photo by

How fun to relive the days of your childhood through the candy you remember so well. Even if your tastes have evolved as an adult, as soon as the memories start kicking in, it doesn’t matter. Vintage candy is a fun birthday gift for your parent or grandparent. Not only will it give them a blast from the past, but they will revel in sharing it with you. Their memories, and hopefully some of the candy.


mail order pie

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It seems no one makes pies anymore. And if you’re one of those people, but would really love to share a taste of days gone by with someone you love, send them a homemade pie freshly baked by someone else. What a sweet long distance relationship gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend to let them know you miss them and want to send them a taste of their past.

Old Fashioned Kit

old fashioned cocktail kit

Photo by

This one is a little on the nose, but let’s say your BF is really into old fashioned cocktails. For an old-timey birthday gift for your boyfriend, give him a cocktail kit that hearkens back to the times when this classic was in its heyday. This kit includes all the necessities to mix his favorite drink and feel super dapper while doing it.

Love Letters

At KindNotes, we’re big fans of the written word and think the most romantic gift we can give someone is a heartfelt love letter. So, if you are looking for a sentimental anniversary gift for your boyfriend, look no further than KindNotes. KindNotes is a keepsake quality jar of 31 personalized notes your loved one can open all at once, one a day, or anytime they need to feel close to you. You can pen your own notes in the language only the two of you share or turn it over to us and select from our library of romantic “Missing You” messages, written especially for long distance relationships.

See our full collection of long distance relationship gifts at

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