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Two Ways to Send Letters in the Digital Age

When it comes to sending letters, should you go with paper and pen or let the gadgets of today do the rest?

So much has changed over the past decade when it comes to communication. Before there was Internet, it was quite impossible to talk to your loved ones face to face even though you both live miles away from each other.

Thanks to the gift of technology, it’s easier to connect with people with just a few clicks and taps from your fingertips. The same thing goes for sending letters or personalized & thoughtful gifts

If you want to surprise a loved one through letters, here are some tips to help you out:


Send a handwritten surprise

Don’t you just love it when you receive a letter by mail? It always feels different when you read a letter from your loved one in longhand writing.

You can always send a birthday card, anniversary, Valentine day card or just about any card to express how much you’ve been thinking of them! Since handwritten notes and letters grow rarer day by day, having to receive a paper filled with the most sincere thoughts can be a lot valuable than any other gifts you’ve received.


Send an e-card

Utilize the tools of today by sending your special someone an e-card. There are several e-cards available online in which you can make their day within just a matter of seconds. Feel free to send them your digital photos as well or just about anything you can find online that will surely cheer them up.

You can easily tag them on different social media accounts or send them a message if you want to keep things in private.

Sending your heartfelt thoughts and greetings should never be difficult since we have different means available now in our digital era. Don’t be afraid to balance it out with traditional handwritten notes together with digital ones to break the barrier as if you’re never really apart.

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