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3 Ways to Make a Birthday Special without Throwing a Party

 Make your loved one feel special on their special day with these tips that will certainly do the trick! Birthdays are always special since it’s like a personal holiday for celebrating our loved ones and favorite people. However, there would times where throwing a party is just too common. Have you always wanted to throw an ultimate birthday surprise by going the extra mile? Here are some fun birthday ideas that will certainly get your creativity kick in:

Day of Surprises

Have you always thought of planning a day of awesomeness for the celebrant? Find out all the things they love to do including their favorite food, places to shop and fill their day with it. Create an itinerary good for a day with a fun printable birthday schedule that will really get them excited. Do all the activities with your family to make the event extra special.

Create a Festive Atmosphere

Who doesn’t love to walk in a room full of balloons on their birthday? If you are away from the celebrant, you can ask someone to create a balloon avalanche by sticking loads of balloons on the door, only having a thin piece of paper holding them in right before the door opens. You can also fill their closets and kitchen cupboards with balloons to make them fall out of delight as soon as the lids open!

Round-the-clock Gifting

Go all out by giving the celebrant gifts every hour or every few hours! You can start with a small gift while saving the best gift for last. This will make them feel excited as they anticipate opening the remaining gifts before their birthday ends. 4. Skype with Family and Friends Since you’re not throwing a party this time, don’t forget to reach out to your relatives and their close buddies through video call. This will certainly make them feel like they’ve invited someone over for a birthday party. Birthdays are not all about gifts and parties. It’s about the memories you make together as a family that will surely be treasured as life goes on.

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