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3 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day for Long Distance Couples


Distance shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved one. Making them feel extra special shouldn’t be difficult, no matter how fancy or simply your gesture is, as long as your feelings are all sincere.
If you’re up to surprise your special someone this upcoming Valentine’s Day, here are some tips that might just help you do the trick:

Arrange a Virtual Date
Being miles away from each other is no longer an issue since we have technology on our side. You can celebrate Valentine’s Day together by planning a virtual date through Skype or any video chatting application you can both use.
Make sure to set your schedule weeks or days ahead in order for you to spend a quality virtual date with your special someone. Perhaps you can have a meal together and while you’re at it, don’t forget to dress up as if you’re on an actual date.

Skype Date
If you’re planning to have a Valentine’s Skype date at home, you might want to go the extra mile by ordering your partner’s favorite meal or dish. You can also just surprise them by delivering their favorite food anytime during the day. If you want a fancy celebration, look for other alcohol delivery services available in the area. Who says celebrating isn’t possible across the distance?

Mail a Love or Care Package
Send your significant other a box of their favorite things which will surely put a smile across their face. You can include their favorite sweet treats or you may want to send your shirt with a spray of your perfume. This will let them know how much you’re thinking of them even if you’re on a long distance relationship.

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a bummer even if you’re not going to spend it together. Make up for the distance by preparing surprises here and there that will help you make the best out of any situation you’re both in.

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