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What are Unique Wedding Gifts for 2019?

Choosing just the right gift to honor the celebration of a wedding can be tricky. Even if the couple has a gift registry, sometimes it is fun to veer off the list and give them something as special as they are.

We’ve assembled our favorite unique wedding gift ideas that are truly unique and sure to be cherished and remembered for years to come.

Scratch-off World Traveler Map

unique wedding gift

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For the jet-setting couple whose bucket list includes every country on the map, this scratch-off map will help them keep track of their journeys. This antiqued world map is coated in gold foil and will look beautiful on their wall. Once they have visited a country, they just scratch off the gold to reveal the detailed map below the surface, place a push pin to mark the location, and plan their next trip.

Our First of Everything Journal

unique wedding gift

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This journal helps the newly married couple chronicle all the firsts they experience as newlyweds. Not only does it help keep the excitement alive by recognizing the significance of all the firsts, but it gives the couple something to look back on for the anniversaries or anytime they want to take a romantic walk down memory lane.

Sealing Stamp Maker Kit

unique wedding gift

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For those unique couples who have embodied the spirits of old souls, this sealing stamp making kit will speak their language. They can use it to seal their thank-you notes with their newly shared monogram, customize invitations, and put their unique touch on gifts. The right couple will know just what to do with it.

Irish Traditional Make-up Bell

unique wedding gift

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Even if the couple doesn’t have a drop of Irish blood in them, the Irish make-up bell is a sweet gift. The custom goes that the bell is to be placed in a prominent location in the newlyweds’ home. If they have an argument, one of them can ring the bell in remembrance of their wedding vows and end the argument.

Personalized Postage

unique wedding gifts

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For a personalized wedding gift that is as practical as cash, give the couple personalized postage stamps. It is a gift they are sure to appreciate come thank-you note time—and it might even make the task a little more fun for them. All you do is upload a cute photo and have it made into actual postage stamps.

Heartfelt Notes of Encouragement

The wedding day is a festive day of fun, but the couple needs your support during the days and months that follow, as well. For a thoughtful marriage gift idea, send them home with KindNotes, a jar of uplifting notes of wisdom and encouragement. KindNotes is a keepsake glass jar of notes they can read all at once, every day, and every year on their anniversary. This is a special gift they are sure to cherish forever.

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