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Sweet Valentine’s Day Traditions from Around the World

Some of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts in the US include candy, cards, flowers, and a romantic dinner. But have you ever thought about how countries around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day?

We’ve gathered up some of the very sweet traditions that happen all around the globe to give you some inspiring Valentine’s Day gift ideas and new ways to celebrate the day of love with your one and only.

South Africa

In South Africa, Valentine’s Day merriment includes week-long celebrations where shops and markets are decorated with flowers, cupid, love birds, and other symbols of love, as well as traditional African decorations. It is also tradition for young girls in South Africa to write the name of their lover or secret crush and pin it to their sleeve.

Here’s a romantic Valentine’s gift idea. Try this tradition yourself, with this cute personalized pin that has each of your initials in a heart, pierced by cupid’s arrow.

Valentine's Day gift for him

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The Welsh celebrate their version of Valentine’s Day, Saint Dwynwen’s Day, on January 25th to honor the Welsh patron saint of lovers. The traditional way to show your love on this special day is by giving your sweetheart a spoon. That’s right, a spoon. This custom dates back to the 17th century when young men carved wooden spoons to give to young ladies as a token of engagement. The spoons are typically intricate carvings that include symbols of love.

Love spoons are not used as functioning spoons, but rather, are decorative items to display. If you’re not a woodcarver, you’re in luck. For a sweet Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend, choose from a selection of keepsake personalized love spoons.

love spoons Valentine's Day gift for her

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In Bulgaria, February 14th is San Trifon Zartan, which translates to “day of winemakers.” February is the time of year when winemakers need to cut unnecessary branches from the vineyards, so there is also a ritual that includes a Christian priest blessing the vineyards, and a feast that follows. On this day, couples of all ages celebrate with a glass of wine from a local winemaker.

Valentine's Day wine gift

If you want to try this tradition as a Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend, did you know every state in the US produces wine? Here is a list of the best wines to try in each state so that you can sample your local favorites.


Ghana is one of the largest producers of cocoa in the world, so it seems quite fitting that in Ghana, “National Chocolate Day” is celebrated on February 14th. While the obvious way to celebrate this tradition is to eat chocolate bars, chocolate fondue, and other chocolate desserts with your sweetheart,  how about these unique chocolate-inspired Valentine’s Day gifts for her, such as cocoa butter bathtub soaks or these adorable hot cocoa earrings.

hot cocoa earrings Valentine's Day gift for her

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Valentine’s Day is a relatively new holiday in Denmark since it has only been celebrated since the early 1990s. On this day, it is a customary DIY Valentine’s Day gift to give handmade cards with pressed white flowers. One of the more popular traditions includes men giving women a gaekkebrev, which is interpreted as “joking letter.” The letter consists of a funny letter or poem written on intricately cut paper and signed only with three dots. No name. If the woman correctly guesses who sent her the letter, she will be rewarded with an Easter egg later in the year.

KindNotes Valentine's Day love notes in a jar

For your own twist on this unique Valentine’s Day gift idea, KindNotes can help you create handmade letters. KindNotes are customizable jars of 31 handcrafted messages, enclosed in mini decorative envelopes your recipient can open all at once, once a day, or anytime they want to be reminded of your love. Shop our completed sets, which feature our most popular designs with best-selling messages already chosen for you. KindNotes is a classically romantic Valentine’s Day gift for him or her.  

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