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Going the Distance: What to Send Your Long Distance Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Couples in long distance relationships know there are unique challenges to keeping love alive from afar. One of the ways you can ignite the flames of passion, regardless of the miles that separate you, is by expressing your affection through small and frequent gestures of love. These little reminders on a regular basis will tell your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend that you think about them all the time and can’t wait until you get to spend time together again.  

Sending gifts to your long distance love is a sweet way to tell them they’re on your mind. These small, thoughtful ldr gifts will put a smile on their face and warm their heart. 

Hug Pillow

hug pillow gift for ldr

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Being away from one another means going without a regular dose of hugs. This hug pillow gives your ldr girlfriend or boyfriend something to cuddle with until you can take its place. Printed with “Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me,” this super soft pillow is sure to give them comfort until you can be together again. You can even spritz it with your favorite scent to remind them of you. 

Couples Conversation Cards

couples cards long distance relationship gifts

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Whether you have been together for months or years, there is always something new to discover about one another. These conversation cards for couples are a fun activity to do while you FaceTime that will help you learn things you never knew about each other. This is also a fun way to spend date night with your ldr boyfriend or girlfriend when you are together. 

Long Distance Coffee Mug

long distance state mug ldr gift

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Spending time together over morning coffee isn’t just for couples who live near one another. Connect over video chat with your long distance coffee mugs to help remind you that no amount of miles will ever keep your hearts from feeling close to one another. This customizable mug includes a map of each state you live in, a heart in each city, and a dotted line connecting the two. This is a sweet long distance gift your boyfriend or girlfriend will cherish. 

Coffee Table Book Photo Album

photo album gift for long distance boyfriend

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It seems no one does photo albums anymore. Time to get your favorite photos out of your phone and into a book, where you can leisurely flip through the pages and spend time thinking about your favorite times together. This beautiful coffee table book is actually a photo album that you can always keep close at hand. The photo album holds up to 30 photos of you and your bf or gf and tucks away nicely into an attractive coffee table book. 

Custom Star Map

custom star map long distance relationship gift for boyfriend

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When you meet the right person, it feels like the stars and planets aligned for that very moment to occur. And maybe it did. After all, a moment that special had to be written in the stars. And now you can capture a look at the night sky on the very date when you knew you were meant to be together. This custom star map includes a digital download of exactly what the stars looked like on your special day. 

Long Distance Relationship Love Notes

When distance separates you from the one you love, it is easy to rely on texts and FaceTime for daily connections. But there is nothing quite like a romantic love note to keep the spark alive and remind your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend just how much they mean to you. KindNotes is a customizable jar of 31 love notes enclosed in mini decorative envelopes you can send to your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend. They can open your notes once a day for a month, all at once, or anytime they need to feel close to you. See our collection of Completed Sets with our best-selling messages already chosen for you. Or select blank notes to write your own long distance relationship love notes. 

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