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Practical Father’s Day Gifts Dad Will Love

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Q. When does a joke become a dad joke? A. When it becomes apparent.

Dads, we love ‘em, bad jokes and all. This Father’s Day, give a shout out to the guy who always has your back by giving him a gift he can use--after all, no one loves a practical gift more than a dad. Whether he is the handy type, the self-designated house protector, king of the grill, a bookworm, or a coffee connoisseur, these Father’s Day gifts for dad are sure to get you one of those bear hugs dads are so good at, and probably another bad dad joke. 

Some people think men are hard to shop for, but his curated list is definitely dad-approved, and ready for use as soon as the gift wrap hits the floor. 

All In One Gift Set

Dads are always there to lend a helping hand, and this All In One Gift Set from Garrett Wade will keep him on his game. It includes a multitool that does 9 things, a pocket knife, a multi-blade knife with 11 (!) accessories, AND a belt watch. It comes in a beautiful wooden box for an elevated gift presentation as well as functional storage. This practical Father’s Day gift for dad is sure to get a ton of use!

True Night Vision Binoculars

Maybe dad’s never mentioned that he wants night vision binoculars--but he does. If your dad is the one to investigate all the things that go bump in the night, he’ll be thrilled for the next strange sound so he can give these beauties a try. These night vision binoculars from Sharper Image are the ideal gift idea for dad because they will not only allow him to see what’s happening in the dark but also to capture photos and videos! And feel super stealthy in the process. 

ButcherBox Subscription

If weekends are for grilling, might as well give dad something to throw on the coals. A ButcherBox subscription will keep the fridge full of high-quality meats and seafood and some great grilling fodder. With this one practical Father’s Day gift, you can satisfy his need to feed the family and his love for creating the perfectly grilled steak. 

Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Downtime for dads can be hard to come by--and for some, there is no better way to spend those rare precious moments than with their nose in a book. So give him plenty of books to choose from with a subscription to Kindle Unlimited. This is the best gift for dad because he can choose from unlimited e-books, audiobooks, even podcasts and read them from his phone, tablet, or laptop. 

Yeti Mug

Running on coffee is a tried-and-true dad move that keeps their energy high and minds sharp all day doing all the dad things. So he’ll always appreciate another coffee mug, like this Yeti Rambler Mug. This one is made from double vacuum-insulated stainless steel and will keep his coffee hot and his ice water cold for hours. This dad’s day gift is affordable and practical--two of dad’s favorite things!


Deep inside every dad, regardless of the exterior, is a man who loves his kid(s). So, show him your love in return with heartfelt notes of appreciation for everything dad does for you. KindNotes is a jar of 31 handcrafted messages enclosed in mini decorative envelopes he can open all at once, once a day, or anytime he’s having a tough day and needs to be reminded of how much he is loved. Shop our complete selection of Father’s Day jars of notes

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