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Father’s Day Gifts on a Budget

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If anyone has advice on how to save a buck doing most things, it’s a dad. Whether it’s how to save on your electric bill, find the best gas prices, or DIY your own home and auto repairs, dads are hardwired to pinch pennies--and freely share their helpful tips with those he loves the most. So in the spirit of saving money, we’re sharing our favorite gifts for dad that won’t break the bank. This carefully curated list of great gifts for dad features the best Father’s Day gifts for under $50. 

Electric Wine Opener

electric wine opener

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Maybe dad loves to unwind with a glass of wine at the end of the day, maybe dad is a gadget guy, maybe dad is both. Whatever the case, this electric wine opener will give him plenty to smile about. Dad can pop open a bottle of wine with ease and play with a new piece of tech at the same time. Plus, it’s a Father’s Day gift under $25, so you can also throw in his favorite bottle. 

Merino Wool Socks

merino wool calf socks

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Socks were never that exciting to get as a kid, but dads? They love them!  And these merino wool socks are sure to impress (dare we say, knock his socks off?). Made of natural fibers, they will keep his feet warm in the winter, yet cool in the summer. And the inherent moisture-wicking that merino wool is known for will keep him dry. The best part about this budget-friendly Father’s Day gift? When you buy these socks from Bombas, you buy 8, and they donate 8 to those in need. Win-win. 



Photo by

If dad doesn’t have a PopSocket yet, it’s because he hasn’t tried one yet. Once he sticks this onto his phone, he’ll be amazed at how he can text with one hand and do dad things with the other. Plus, he can prop up his phone so that you can watch funny videos together. Even if  he isn’t a selfie kind of guy, you’ll want to show him how easy taking pics is with this handy and affordable Father’s Day gift.  

Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager

shiatsu neck massager

Photo by

Dads carry a lot of stress in their necks and shoulders. Sitting behind a computer or a steering wheel, or lugging around kids all day can do that to a guy. He’ll love how quickly his knots and tension will  melt away after using this deep-kneading massager. Its 3D rotating rollers will dig into muscles he never knew he had in his neck, back, shoulder, legs, calf, and foot. And the soothing heat therapy just might put him to sleep. This is a present for Father’s Day he’ll never forget. 

Notes to Dad

For all the kind things dads do for us, Father’s Day is a time to let him know you noticed, and you appreciate him. There is no better way to tell dad just how you feel than with heartfelt notes. Like KindNotes. KindNotes is a keepsake quality jar dad can keep on his desk--or anywhere in the home--filled with 31 notes in mini decorative envelopes. He can open them all right away on Father’s Day, once a day for a month, and anytime he needs a smile. Shop our full selection of KindNotes, the most thoughtful Father’s Day gift he’ll get this year.

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