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4 Ways to Feel Closer to Your Long Distance Partner During the Holidays

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Long distance relationships are challenging, especially when you can't be together during the holidays. It's important to find creative and thoughtful ways to let your significant other know you are thinking of them. These four ideas will show your loved one that you care and help bring you closer together despite the physical distance:

Exchange Gifts Over Facetime
If you exchange holiday gifts with your loved one, why not schedule a time to open them together over Facetime or Skype? Christmas music and candles in the background on both sides will make it feel more like you're spending the holidays together. Take turns opening presents and showing appreciation for your thoughtful gifts.

Send Them a Matching Holiday Onesie or Sweater
For a more lighthearted idea, buy a silly holiday sweater or onesie and send your partner a matching one. Then have fun taking selfies or video chatting with each other in your matching outfits. Adding some childlike silliness to your long distance relationship is a great way to keep things fun.

Perform Acts of Service on the Same Day
Volunteering together is a great way to bond over the holidays while showing kindness to the less fortunate. Just because you live in different cities doesn't mean you can't still pull this off. Decide on a volunteer activity or act of service like passing out lunches to the homeless or volunteering at a senior citizen center. Schedule your acts of service on the same day, and then plan a phone call afterward to share your experiences.

Try Our KindNotes
Sending your sweetheart our Daily Dose of Love jar is a unique and thoughtful way to show them just how loved they are. They can take out a new love note every day or whenever they feel like it. Our KindNotes come on gorgeous linen cardstock in a beautifully gift-packaged jar.

While these ideas are no replacement for spending time together, they will help you both feel more connected and loved until you can see each other again.

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