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3 Ways to Show Someone You Care When They're Recovering from Surgery

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When a close friend or family member is recovering from surgery, you feel awful knowing they are stuck at home in physical discomfort and just want to do something special to show them you care. They are probably already receiving plenty of flowers and balloons, so why not try one of these ideas instead?

Bring Meals
Depending on the type of surgery your loved one is recovering from, preparing their own meals is probably going to be impossible or at least very inconvenient for a while. Bringing them pre-made meals like lasagna they can pop in the oven is always appreciated. You may also want to pre-cleaned and sliced veggies and fruit they can snack on, since nutritious food will help their body recover more quickly.

Offer to Help with Household Tasks
Sometimes practical help is needed after a surgery, while also being something people are unlikely to ask for. Offer to help with specific tasks like house cleaning, childcare, mowing the lawn, or running to the grocery store. It's generally more helpful to offer something very specific ("Can I come over Tuesday after work to do some laundry and walk your dog?") than to vaguely ask them to let you know if there's anything you can do.

Send Kind Notes
Our jars of Kind Notes are designed to brighten someone's day with inspirational and thoughtful messages. You can opt for one of our beautiful completed sets or customize your own jar to cheer up your friend.

By trying one of these ideas when your loved one is recovering from surgery, you are making them feel loved and appreciated during a time they may be feeling down.

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