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3 Ways to Show Love and Appreciation Despite the Distance

Now that you’ve found the love of your life, distance shouldn’t be a hinder to keep the romance alive. It’s important to make an effort to spice up your relationship from time to time to keep your partner from being unappreciated and neglected.

Though long-distance relationships aren’t meant to be easy, your distance makes the simplest things the sweetest in no time. Make your relationship work by going the extra mile.

Create a Scrapbook
This can be a cheesy gift for some, but with the distance between you right now, it’s definitely an adorable gift to make your loved one feel cared for. You can always create a romantic scrapbook of your relationship including photos, post cards, movie tickets, stubs and other letters you may have. Perhaps you may want to tell a story of how you started going out. Let your creative juice flow this time!  

Send Photos
With today’s technology, sending pictures anytime and anywhere shouldn’t be difficult. You can always send random photos of how your day went by so your partner can get a glimpse of your daily routine. You may want to get over your camera shy syndrome since this is essential in order to keep the attraction burning.

Weekly Surprise
Don’t you just love it when you get surprise gifts from the person you love? Why not do the same thing weekly, even if it’s just a simple token of your love and concern. Perhaps you can buy an E-book that your partner has been waiting to read or a funny greeting card to make him or her smile during the day. You can send your loved one a different item every week to let them know how you’re thinking of them even though you are far apart.

What do you think? Include your genuine love whenever you reach out to your loved one as it brings warmth and comfort despite your long-distance situation.  

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