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3 Ways to Express Your Sympathy

bereavement condolences sympathy

Sending your condolences is important since it can be an encouraging message for the one suffering a loss. It can be difficult, but as long as you can communicate how much you care about the bereaved person, you can be a great source of support at times like these.

Sympathy Flowers
This is a polite gesture if you want to send your condolences to a friend. You can always choose white lilies or roses or a variety of orchids and irises since white is a sign of sympathy. Feel free to send potted flowering plants if you want the service to live on as a memory.

In case you’ve learned about the loss a little bit too late, you can still send some flowers over to remind the bereaved that you have not forgotten them or their loss. Flowers are a comforting reminder that you care about the ones who were left behind even during their grieving process.

Sympathy Gift Baskets
Gift baskets are also a great way to express your condolences in case you can’t make it to the funeral service or missed it due to your busy schedule. Feel free to include different gourmet gifts and fresh fruits as they can provide food for gatherings during a difficult time. It is also a great gift to go with sympathy flowers.

Sympathy Cards and Notes
Know how to communicate your empathy during this difficult time to let them know how you truly care. It’s important to have them realize that you’re aware of the emotional difficulty they are going through. Send them an encouraging message that will help them feel less isolated during this grieving process. If you have a hard time finding the right words to say, we offer a gift jar full of sympathy and encouraging notes that will help get them through the difficult days ahead as they deal with their loss and find time to heal. It will help acknowledge the pain and grief as the notes can console the bereaved, making them feel that they are not alone.



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