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Unique Romantic Gift Ideas to Propose Your School Time Crush

We all have a crush in our school that we look at from a distance and adore wholeheartedly. However, we never gather the courage to express our feelings. Many times because of the fear of rejection, we friend zone our crush. Whether you have a little bit of a crush or a massive crush on someone, you should let them know how you feel. If you have a school-time crush holding back for a long time, you must be creative and unique in planning your proposal to your school-time crush. If you are hesitant to express yourself face-to-face, we are here to help you find a perfect romantic gift. Gifts can be a great way to convey your feelings to someone you have an intense crush on. This blog will offer you some Unique Romantic Gifts to Propose to Your School Time Crush

A wide range of romantic gifts are available in the market; however, the gifts we will share here are the best to propose to your long-time crush uniquely and especially. 

Always and Forever Jar of Notes

Always and Forever Jar of Notes

If you have been friend-zoned with your crush, this Always and Forever Jar of Notes can help you express yourself beautifully. This unique keepsake jar features classic silver hearts that signify love that was always there and will endure forever. If you want to tell your crush that you have always been in love with them and will continue doing that irrespective of their reciprocation, then no other gift can justify your pure love. 

Nautical Elements Jar of Notes

Nautical Elements Jar of Notes

Distance often helps us know our feelings better than when we were close to someone special. In such a scenario, reaching out to that someone becomes difficult whom we adore so much but never realized. Use this Nautical Elements Jar of Notes to express your sincere feelings even from afar. This decorative glass jar accommodates 31 notes with a theme of your choice. Each note is placed in sealed mini envelopes with fun and nautical prints. White scripts and faded effects make it more attractive. Choose this jar to fill the gap between you and your long-time friend you never knew you loved so much. 

31 Reasons Why I Love You Jar of Notes

31 Reasons Why I Love You Jar of Notes

This jar will help you tell your special someone the 31 reasons you fell in love with them. 31 Reasons Why I Love You Jar of Notes is a sweet and romantic gift that helps you put the sentiments you have kept in your heart for a long time into each word of these 31 notes. The recipient will appreciate this gift and will positively reciprocate your feelings.


We hope you found the right and unique romantic gift to propose to your long-time crush. We understand the anxiety of planning a proposal, but you can do well with the right gift choice. And don't worry about getting rejected. Be positive and go for it. Check out KindNote's website to learn more about such unique romantic gifts and choose the one you connect more with.  

Good Luck!

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