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Thoughtful Birthday Gift to Surprise, Your Husband

Wives always get surprises and gifts from their husbands; they treat you like a queen of their world on your special days. But, have you ever wondered what they look for on their special days? They must be expecting something special from your end as well. Planning for someone can be challenging because it comes with many arrangements to take care of. But surprises make every birthday fun and interesting for the birthday person and the surprise giver. We keep thinking of the joy the surprise will bring to the recipient's face, making us feel excited throughout the whole process. Do you want to give your husband a thoughtful birthday gift to surprise him but are completely out of ideas? If yes, then this blog is for you. We will not share the usual birthday gift ideas you must have been giving him for years, like cufflinks, ties, perfume or watches. We are going to share a Thoughtful Birthday Gift Idea that your husband will cherish forever. 

Words are the most valuable thing that everyone wants to treasure, especially if they are genuine and come from a special one. KindNotes gave life to this thought by introducing the unique concept of Personalized Keepsake Gifts meant to last a lifetime.

Birthday Cake Jar of Notes

 Birthday Cake Jar of Notes

You can give a beautiful glass jar filled with 31 unique messages in colorful and beautiful miniature envelopes. It is a perfect gift for your husband on his birthday this year. Your husband can open one envelope daily or anytime he wants. It is very much like the same old-fashioned letter that people used to send each other. We all want to make beautiful memories and keep them with us forever. This unique way to tell him how much he means to you will surely be an innovative way to surprise him. Your love in each message will fill him with joy.

Birthday Cake Jar of Notes 

You can select every aspect involved in the process, from the jars’ & envelopes’ design to the messages in each envelope. You can either choose from a pre-made collection of carefully-curated inspirational messages, love quotes, positive thoughts, and birthday wishes or opt for a blank paper to write messages in your words. Select the messages your husband would connect instantly and deeply while reading them. Each gorgeous keepsake glass jar is perfectly packed in a stunning silver foil accented gift box.


Always remember that gifts don’t have to be expensive. A gift must show the recipient that we care for and love them. Each jar that KindNotes sends is unique in itself and offers impeccable quality. Tell your husband that you appreciate every moment spent together. He must be looking for such a lovely gesture from you. We assure you he will appreciate this gift of yours, and your relationship will blossom like never before. To know more about us or to place your order, contact us. We will be delighted to become a medium to pour your heart out to your beloved husband.

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