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The Magic of Decorative Acrylic Screen Door Magnets

Have you ever stepped through a screen door by mistake? It may be an uncomfortable and humiliating situation. But do not worry- Mesh Magnets are coming to come to your aid! These chic and useful Decorative Acrylic Screen Door Magnets signs from KindNotes give your house a distinctive decorative touch while making it obvious whether the screen door is open or closed. Let’s explore Mesh Magnets and their potential benefits for you and your family.

Beauty and Functionality
Mesh magnets are made of premium acrylic and have striking designs. You may choose from a range of possibilities, from a traditional welcome greeting to a seasonal design or something more whimsical, to exactly match the décor of your home. Also, these magnets are important because they show when the screen door is closed from both inside and outside the house. They help prevent accidents and slamming doors. This is especially helpful for homes with kids or elderly guests who may not notice if the screen door is closed.

Easy to use

They are really easy to use! The two magnetic signs only need to be separated, placed on either side of your screen door, and snapped together. No tools are required! Upkeep is as easy, a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth maintains their pristine appearance. Reduce their exposure to wetness, extended heat, intense sunshine, and extreme temperatures, and keep them out of the reach of youngsters and dongs to prolong their longevity.

Where My Dog Is Sign

Multiple Uses

Not only may these adaptable magnets be used on screen doors. In addition, they can be applied to windows, patio doors, sliding screen door, and even glass sliding doors. They add a unique touch while guaranteeing the safety of every member of your household and visitors, with patterns that blend in with your interior décor. Furthermore, these can extend the life of your screen door by helping to conceal small rips or breaks in the screen.


Decorative acrylic screen door magnets, from KindNotes are useful and fashionable way to improve the aesthetics and safety of your screen doors and other surfaces. They provide a decorative touch to your house and offer piece of mind with their multipurpose, user-friendly design.

These magnets are an essential addition to any home with screen doors whether in front or backyard. Why then wait? Use Decorative Acrylic Screen door magnets to upgrade your home’s aesthetic and security measures right now!

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