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The Benefits of Mesh Magnet Screen Door Protectors

Mesh Magnets screen door protectors are functional and elegant acrylic screen door signs that provide a distinct decorative touch to your home while also informing you when the screen door is closed. They serve to limit the possibility of inadvertent collisions, especially when entertaining guests, and safeguard your screen door from damage. Screen Door Magnets from KindNotes are two acrylic signs connected back-to-back by strong magnets in the center, with designs viewable from both inside and outside.

Improving Safety and Style:

  • Diverse Designs: Mesh magnet screen door protectors come in a range of designs to compliment different home décor types, bringing a creative touch to screen doors, sliding screen doors, patio doors and windows.
  • Enhanced Safety: By clearly showing when doors are closed, these guards limit the possibility of inadvertent collisions for household members and guests, providing safety in high-traffic areas.
  • Practical Solution: They provide a practical solution for concealing minor flaws or tears in screens, preserving the overall appearance of doors or windows while extending their lifespan.
  • Versatility: They may be readily modified for glass sliding doors using double-sided foam tape (not included), providing versatility and ease for a wide range of door types.
  • Daily Use or Special Occasions: These protectors are adaptable and can be used on a daily basis, when entertaining guests, or as needed.

They also make excellent housewarming gifts or meaningful gestures for anyone with screen doors, combing usefulness, style, and customization.

Installing your Mesh Magnets:

  • Partially open your screen door and stand in the doorway for easy access.
  • Slowly slide the two halves of the Screen door Magnet apart. Avoid pulling them directly apart.
  • Hold one sign in each hand. Place the first piece on your screen door in your desired location.
  • Bring the other half of the Mesh magnet close to the first piece. The magnets will snap together, securing the sign on your screen door.

Safety Precautions

  • Mesh Magnet Screen Door Protectors come with critical safety instruction that advise customers to keep the product and plastic bag away from children and pets, as well as to store the magnets high and out of reach.
  • To maintain the integrity of the magnetic adhesive bonding, users should avoid prolonged exposure to dampness and direct sunlight. It is advised to remove the protectors during inclement weather or high temperatures.
  • Users should avoid colliding neodymium magnets with metal items, including other magnets, and should test the surface before using them on refrigerators or whiteboards. Individuals with pacemakers should avoid magnets.
  • Because of nature of acrylic, users may notice minor marking or scratches, and the outline of the center magnets may be seen through the acrylic in the presence of light. To avoid scratches and keep the protectors looking their best, clean them carefully with a microfiber cloth.


Mesh Magnet Screen Door Protectors combine elegance and safety. They come in a variety of styles, complementing décor while preventing collisions and covering screen defects. They’re ideal for everyday usage or as gifts because they’re simple to install and adapt to. Users must take measures when using mesh magnet screen door from KindNotes, such as keeping them away from children and pets. Additionally, avoiding impacts with metal objects is critical to their longevity.

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