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Surviving Long Distance: Tips from Long Distance Relationship Couples

Finding the one you love is a beautiful journey. But when distance keeps you apart, the road can seem rocky. Don’t lose hope; long distance relationships can be very fulfilling and healthy. Some LDR couples even claim their relationship is better because of distance.

How do they do it? Read on to learn from long distance couples how they bridge the gap and keep the love alive, no matter how many miles come between them.

Keep it real

When you are apart from the one you love, you may be tempted to overdo the time to you do spend together. But often the closeness of relationships comes from sharing mundane, everyday experiences. So do the things you would do if you were together all the time. Go to the movies, run errands, hang out at home. Your time will be special enough because you are together.

Live your life

When you are in a long-distance relationship, you may have more time to yourself than if you were together. It is important to go on living your life. Spend time with friends and family, pursue your goals, enjoy your hobbies. Strong individuals make strong couples.

Go on long distance dates

This might take a little imagination but find things you can do together from a distance. One couple likes to go on dates by watching movies together via video chat. Others like playing games online together. Some even sing karaoke together. Sharing a common experience doing things you both enjoy will only bring you closer together.

Get in a groove

In a long-distance relationship, you both have plenty of wiggle room to have your own schedules. But you should agree on which part of your lives are going to intersect and when. Whether you plan how often you talk or coordinate your calendars to visit one another, having a routine can be comforting and give you something to look forward to.


One thing all LDR couples agree on is communication is key to a successful relationship. Open and honest communication can help set you up for success and keep your relationship running smoothly.

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