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Stylish Ways to Welcome Guests with Magnetic Décor

A crucial aspect of home décor is setting up a warm and inviting space for your visitors. One innovative way to enhance your home's entrance while ensuring safety and style is to Welcome Guests with Magnetic Décor from KindNotes, specifically Mesh Magnets. The usefulness of these fashionable and practical acrylic screen door signs cannot be emphasized. They also provide a distinctive decorative touch to your house.

Mesh magnets reduce the possibility of unintentional accidents by acting as indicators to let you know when the screen door is closed, particularly when you're entertaining. These magnets were made with aesthetics in mind. They have two acrylic signs that are attached back-to-back by powerful magnets in the middle, displaying the designs from the inside as well as the exterior. Not only can Mesh Magnets shield your screen door from harm, but they also leave a stylish and well-thought-out impression on your guests.

Sensible and Fashionable

Made from sturdy acrylic, screen magnets are a chic and useful complement to your screen doors. These magnets quietly indicate whether the screen door is open or closed, adding a distinctive decorative touch. This lowers the possibility of unintentional accidents and safeguards the door from harm. Screen door magnets come in a range of patterns, so you may choose ones that complement your aesthetic and make your foyer look better.

Easy to Use: Mesh Magnet Installation Is Easy

KindNotes' Mesh Magnets are easy to install, so you may improve both the front and backyard entrances of your house with little work. First, stand in the entryway and slightly open the screen door. The two acrylic signs should be gently eased apart; do not rip them apart sharply to protect the magnets.

Place the first piece on one side of the screen door in the desired area while holding one Mesh Magnet in each hand. Using your free hand, move the second piece toward the first until the magnets click, locking them into place. You can quickly and easily add a stylish and functional touch to your home with this simple installation technique, and welcome guests with magnetic décor.

Crucial Mesh Magnet Safety and Maintenance Advice

It's essential to adhere to these instructions in order to guarantee the longevity and safety of your KindNotes Mesh Magnets. Place the magnets high to block access, and keep the product and its plastic bag out of the reach of kids and animals. Remove the magnets during bad weather or high temperatures to protect the integrity of the magnetic adhesive bonding.

Minimize contact with moisture and avoid extended exposure to heat or direct sunlight. Neodymium magnets should not come into contact with other magnets or other metal things. We advise testing the surface before using on items like whiteboards or refrigerators. Pacemakers should be kept away from magnets. Owing to the nature of acrylic, light may reveal minute blemishes or scratches as well as the central magnets' silhouette.


At KindNotes, our Mesh Magnets are a chic and useful way to improve the front door of your house. By showing when the screen door is closed, these acrylic screen door signs enhance safety in addition to adding a beautiful element. With their basic yet effective design and easy installation, Mesh Magnets provide a simple yet effective way to welcome guests with magnetic décor. You may make a lasting impression on your guests and guarantee their lifespan by adhering to important safety and maintenance guidelines.

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