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Practical and Inviting: Welcome Guests with Magnetic Décor

Welcome Guests with Magnetic Décor! At KindNotes, Our functional and stylish acrylic screen door magnets add a unique decorative touch to your home. These magnets not only enhance your décor but also serve a practical purpose by indicating when the screen door is closed.

They help reduce the risk of painful and embarrassing accidental collisions, especially when hosting guests and they even protect your screen door from damage. Mesh Magnets are perfect for housewarming gifts or thoughtful gestures for anyone with screen doors, whether used daily, during visits, or as needed!

Here are the points highlighting both the functional benefits and aesthetic appeal of using screen door magnets to welcome guests with magnetic décor.

  • Enhance Safety: Screen magnets made from durable acrylic provide a safe way to indicate whether your screen door is open or closed.
  • Stylish and Functional: These chic magnets not only serve a practical purpose but also add a fashionable touch to your entryway.
  • Accident Prevention: By clearly showing the status of your screen door, these magnets reduce the risk of accidental collisions and damage.
  • Customizable Designs: Available in various patterns and designs, you can choose magnets that match your home's aesthetic, enhancing your foyer's overall appearance. 
  • Easy Installation: Simple to install and maintain, these screen door magnets are a hassle-free addition to your home.
  • Visitor-Friendly: Clearly visible indicators help guests navigate your entryway confidently, making them feel welcome and ensuring a pleasant arrival experience. 
  • Protects Your Door: By preventing unnecessary pushing or pulling on closed doors, these magnets help maintain the integrity of your screen door over time.
  • Practical Décor: Combining practicality with décor, these magnets are a sensible choice for anyone looking to elevate their home's welcoming ambiance.

Below the points highlighting how easy it is to use Screen Magnets to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests with stylish and functional magnetic décor.

  • Easy Installation: KindNotes' Mesh Magnets are made to be installed quickly and easily, adding style to both front and garden entries with little effort.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions: To protect the magnets, start by standing at the entrance and carefully separating the two acrylic pieces.
  • Placement Ease: Holding a Mesh Magnet in each hand, place the first piece on the appropriate side of the screen door.
  • Safe Attachment: Press the second component against the first with your free hand until the magnets click, securing the assembly in place. 
  • Fashionable Enhancement: You can easily give the entryways in your home a fashionable and useful touch with this easy installation approach.
  • Instant Appeal: In a matter of seconds, add magnetic décor to your room that not only looks great but also has a useful function. 
  • Visitor-Friendly: These magnets clearly show the state of your screen door, facilitating visitors' easy navigation and comfortable entry into your house. 


Welcome Guests with Magnetic Décor from KindNotes' Screen Door Magnets, where style meets functionality seamlessly. These acrylic signs not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home but also provide a practical solution for indicating the status of your screen door.

By preventing accidents and protecting your door, these magnets ensure a safer and more welcoming environment for all visitors. With easy installation and customizable designs, they are the perfect addition to any entryway, offering both charm and convenience in one magnetic package.

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