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Personalized Bereavement Gifts from KindNotes

Imagine receiving personalized bereavement gifts just days after the death of a loved one. These gifts are thoughtful, uplifting, and customizable. Each gift provides comfort, support & a reminder that they're not alone on their journey through grief. This blog will give you an insight into the types of personalized bereavement gifts one can get from and what to look for in them.
What is
Since 2007, KindNotes has been a preferred website for handcrafted quality gifts that spread happiness and love in the form of keepsake glass jars. KindNotes encourages kindness and smiles by helping people express their emotions through 31 beautifully written distinctive notes hidden in miniature envelopes in each loving jar of notes for anyone who needs it. We intend to make the recipient feel the joy and warmth of reading each note and replicate the appeal of opening an old-fashioned letter.
We want to make their day better!
KindNotes give complete control over every aspect of the gift selection process, including the messages on each note. You can choose messages from our list or personalize them by requesting a blank paper and then send us your messages, and we will print them for you.
Personalized Bereavement Gifts KindNotes Offer?
Finding a perfect gift is challenging when trying to grieve privately. For those looking for personalized bereavement gifts, offers beautiful selections of Personalized Bereavement Gifts like:
Botanical Thinking of You Jar of Notes

Botanical Thinking of You Jar of Notes

It is a great personalized bereavement gift to express your condolence to the grieving loved one. The recipient will feel that they are not alone while reading the messages you put in this jar. They will feel that there is someone who has experienced the same feeling of loss and understands their pain.

Reason to Smile Jar of Notes

Reason to Smile Jar of Notes

This jar is also one of the popular jars that KindNotes offer. You must select this Reason to Smile Jar of Notes to encourage someone you love to look for some motivation in life to smile despite the sorrows that they must be surrounded with at present.

You can also use this jar as a personalized bereavement gift to give to a loved one who is finding it too difficult to overcome the loss of a family member or a close one. There can be no other gift that can help you express yourself better and make someone feel better than this beautiful keepsake jar of notes.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Jar of Notes

 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Jar of Notes

Christmas is about to come, and if a dear one is sad, this Christmas, go with this Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Jar of Notes to help them deal with their grief by putting some encouraging quotes from the Bible to cope with the death of a dear one. Words can do wonders if they are put together correctly. They will thank you later for this kind gesture that will surely help them a lot. 


We hope you like the gifts that KindNotes offers. Check out our website if you want to explore more Personalized Bereavement Gifts. We are sure that you will find something that can suit your needs.

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