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October is National Bullying Prevention Month

National Bullying Prevention Month is October. This anti-bullying month is a campaign to keep our children safe and take measures to stop bullying. Across the nation, individuals will be working together to inspire us to unite together to promote kindness, acceptance, and inclusion, and help create a world without bullying.

Spreading messages of positivity can all add up and make a difference. Such as reminders to be kind, that words can hurt, and that bullies often act out because they are hurting.  

If a child in your family is experiencing bullying, one of the most important things you can do is offer your support and encourage them to confidently stand up for themselves and not be afraid to ask for help.

Here are some thoughtful anti-bullying messages that promote positivity and kindness:

Anti-Bullying Shirt

bullying prevention month

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Nothing sets the tone for kindness—and warns bullies to stand back—quite like the kid who strolls into class wearing this sweet “I Will Be Your Friend” shirt. Available in anti-bullying t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, and more, this shirt is sure to draw in positive vibes. It may even remind others to reach out to a kid who is sitting alone.

Bee Kind Tank Top

Bee Kind tank top

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As long as you’re filling their closet with kindness swag, you might as well add this Bee Kind tank top. It puts everyone on notice to “Bee Kind” with this sweet anti-bullying message. This lightweight tank in super-soft material will look cute as a layering piece or on its own on a hot day and just might stop bullying in its tracks.

Kindness PopSockets

Kindness gifts

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Everyone can use another PopSocket—especially one that comes with a fun and festive kindness message to “throw kindness like confetti!” The functional design helps keep devices in your hands and propped up on desks, tables—wherever. It also sets a good kindness example and a reminder to spread kindness to stop bullying.

Anti-Bullying Awareness Bracelet

Anti-bullying awareness bracelet

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Even cute and fashionable accessories have the power to inspire and remind that kindness is contagious! Gorgeous stretch anti-bullying bracelets with dark blue wood beads, a blue ribbon bead, and a silver “kindness” charm lend support to the anti-bullying cause. Giving this bracelet as a gift to your teen can allow you to open up a dialogue about what bullying is and to let them know they can always come to you.

Rise Above Bullying Notes

Kindness words matter and can have a lasting impact on your child. When you want to talk to your child about anti-bullying issues, share words of kindness, and let them know they can talk to you about absolutely anything, give KindNotes Rise Above Bullying notes. KindNotes is a keepsake jar of 31 personalized messages in decorative envelopes that your child can open once a day, all at once, or anytime they need to be reminded of their self-worth, your loving support, and to treat others with kindness. Our selection of Rise Above Bullying Notes include these messages, and more:

“You are the you the world needs. Don’t ever change.”

“People treat others the way they feel about themselves.”

“Don’t let someone else pressure you into being less than you are.”

Choose from our selection of Completed Sets, featuring our most popular designs with best-selling messages already chosen for you. 

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