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Make a Statement with Dog-Themed Screen Door Décor

Greetings and welcome to our site, where we delve into the fun world of Dog-Themed Screen door Décor! You’ve arrived at the perfect spot if you adore dogs and want to give your house a cute yet useful touch. We are pleased to present to you today Mesh Magnets, the creative and fashionable acrylic screen door signage from the folks who brought it to you by KindNotes. These ornamental magnets serve as a useful fix for your screen doors in addition to being a beautiful way to show off your love of dogs.

Ideas for Dog-Themed Screen Door Décor

Are you looking for additional ways to decorate your screen door with dog-related elements? Here are some suggestions to get you going:

  • Paw Print Patterns: For a subtle yet endearing look, consider stenciling or placing vinyl decals across your screen door in the shape of paw prints.
  • Dog Silhouette Cutouts: Adorn the corners or center of your screen door with metal or wooden cutouts of your preferred dog breeds.
  • Custom Name Plates: Create a unique touch by adding a sign with your dog’s name on it or a funny saying like “Home of {Dog’s Name}” or “Beware of Dog Kisses.”
  • Dog-Themed Wreaths: Seasonal wreaths that have dog-related accents, like tiny dog bones, toy, or ribbons with paw print designs, can be a fun touch.

How to use Mesh Magnets

You only need to follow a few easy steps to install your Mesh Megnets. To give your screen door the ideal canine accent, make sure your magnets are positioned and fastened correctly by following this guide.

  • Get your Screen Door Ready: To begin, stand in the doorway with your screen door half open. You will have the finest visibility and access in this position while positioning your magnets.
  • Divide the Indications: The two mesh magnet signs should be carefully slid apart. It’s important to slide rather than pull them to prevent any damage and ensure a smooth separation.
  • Put the First Magnet in Place: Grasp a Mesh Magnet with both hands. Choose the initial location for the component on your screen door. Make sure it is properly aligned and place it where you want it.
  • Put them together: Using your other hand, bring the second piece in while holding the first one in place. They will snap firmly together through the screen thanks to the powerful magnets. Make any required adjustments to make sure both components are precisely aligned.
  • Verify Stability: After the magnets have been snapped together, carefully test them by opening and closing the screen door a few times. Ensure that they remain firmly in position and in the desired location.

These instructions will make it simple for you to install your dog-themed magnets and take advantage of the adorable and useful features they provide to your screen door.


Mesh Magnets by KindNotes are a great way to add dog-themed screen door décor to your house. These chic and practical acrylic signs shield your screen door from damages and stop unintentional collisions while adding a charming touch. For any dog lover, these magnets are the ideal combination of style and functionality because they are simple to install and visible from both sides.

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