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Love Notes for Him: What Not to Write

Writing a love note to your long distance boyfriend is an incredibly sweet gesture. And you may feel a lot of pressure to get it right—or at least not get it wrong. What if you reveal too much, will it scare him off? What if it’s too mushy, will he get embarrassed?

The good news is, as long as your sentiments are coming straight from the heart, you really can’t go wrong with giving a love letter as a gift to your long distance boyfriend or even as a wedding anniversary gift for your husband. But before you start pouring out your heart, here are some of the dos and don’ts of writing a love note for him.

What Not to Do

Fret About Your Writing Skills

Even if you think, or know, you are not a good writer, guess what, that doesn’t matter. Don’t overthink it. Just write the way you talk, and it will sound authentic and just like you. The way a love letter from you should sound.

Go Overboard

It may be easy to get caught up in the moment and say things you don’t really mean. Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re all about grand gestures of romance. Just keep it real and in check with your true feelings.

Edit Yourself

Speaking of being real, don’t filter yourself through anyone else’s lens. One of the best gifts for your boyfriend is sharing your feelings with him. When you’re in love, you may find even some of the weirdest things oddly endearing. So if you want to tell him that you love the way he snorts when he laughs or chews with his mouth open—say so.

What to Do

long term relationship gifts

Speak Your Love Language

Write in your own love language. Every couple has it. Cute little nicknames for things, pet names, and inside jokes add intimacy to your relationship, so don’t be afraid to share those things that make your relationship unique between the two of you. These special little reminders can help bridge the gap in a long distance relationship until you can be together again.

Make It Special

A love letter written on a Post-It, or heaven forbid an email, doesn’t quite have the same effect as one written on a beautiful textured paper or other high-quality stationery. For a creative first wedding anniversary gift for him or paper anniversary gift idea, treat this letter as the special gift that it is.

Give It a Special Delivery

Think of a fun way to deliver the letter to him. Roll it up with a ribbon around his favorite candy bar, hide it in his lunchbox or briefcase. Or mail it to him, whether you are sending it to your long distance boyfriend or you live in the same house. Getting a love letter from you will be a fun surprise for him.

Let KindNotes Lend a Hand

If you love the idea of writing a love note for a long distance relationship gift for him or an anniversary gift for him, but you just don’t know where to start, turn to KindNotes for an assist. KindNotes is a jar of 31 notes you select or write yourself to express your love and devotion. We carefully tuck each one into a decorative envelope and artfully arrange them in a keepsake quality glass jar for him to open once a day, all at once, or anytime he needs to feel close to you. Shop our collection of Long Distance Relationship Gifts and Anniversary Gifts to get started.

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