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Keeping Love Alive in a Long Distance Relationship

When time and distance keep you away from the one you love the most, it can be challenging to feel as connected as when you are together. But know it isn’t impossible to keep love alive in a long distance relationship—or that distance isn’t necessarily harmful to your relationship. In fact, some experts and long distance couples say that distance has made their relationship stronger than ever.

How is that possible? When you don’t have the leisure of seeing each other every day, you may become more creative in how you communicate and express your love, and less inclined to fall into old patterns. You may even find that you spend more time thinking about each other and sending sweet little gifts and heartfelt messages to your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend to make sure they know you are crazy about them and can’t wait until you get to see one another again.

Heartfelt Long Distance Relationship Gifts

There is nothing more fun than surprising the one you love with an unexpected gift. Here are some of our favorite long distance relationship gifts for your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Cell Phone Stand

cell phone stand long term relationship gift

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It may go without saying that when you are in a long distance relationship, you are going to spend a lot of time video chatting with each other. So, you might as well get yourselves set up properly with an adjustable phone stand that allows you to adjust to the perfect angle for using FaceTime. Sturdy, lightweight, and portable, this phone stand is compatible with most iPhones and Android phones.

Long Distance Heartbeat Speaker

long distance relationship gift heartbeat speakers

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When you are away from your long distance girlfriend or boyfriend, the nights may feel long and lonely. While you can’t capture the same feeling of having them right there with you, you can still hear their heartbeat from miles away with this long distance heartbeat speaker. It comes with a rechargeable pulse monitor bracelet that connects to a mini speaker that can sit right by your bedside. A super sweet long distance relationship gift to send to your boyfriend.

Homesick Candle

homesick candle LDR gifts

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Smell is the sense that is most closely tied to our memory. So why not give your LDR significant other a fond memory of home, the place you first met, or a favorite vacation destination. Homesick candles are hand-poured scented candles that are uniquely formulated with the scents of states, cities, countries, even memories like First Kiss and Love.  

Long Distance Watch

LDR gift watch for him

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Keeping track of time zones can be a mental math problem you just don’t need to worry about right now. Not only will a dual time zone watch make it super easy to always know what time your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend is on, but you are guaranteed to think about them every time you look at it. This sleek and attractive gift for her will be sure to get a ton of compliments, while this classic gift for him is sure to up his style.

Love Notes

There is nothing like opening a love note from your long distance love to put you in the moment and feel all the feels you have for them. But not everyone is able to express their feelings with written words. That’s why KindNotes makes it easy for you. KindNotes customizable jars of 31 handcrafted messages enclosed in mini decorative envelopes feature our best-selling heartfelt messages that are already chosen for you. Start shopping now for sweet long distance relationship gifts for him or her.

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