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How to Switch Things Up for Your SO This Valentine’s Day

valentine gifts online

How Valentine’s Day ever got a bad rap for being a sappy, cliché-filled day, we’ll never know. We can’t think of a single thing wrong with a whole day set aside for telling your significant other just how much you care about them.

So, we choose to embrace Valentine’s Day. Every last sentimental drop of it. And while everyone may be clambering to find the most unique Valentine’s Day gift this year, we suggest having a bit of fun with all the traditional gifts that may be just a little too passé for the rest of the crowd—only with a twist.


Anyone can phone it in (literally) and order flowers for Valentine’s Day gift. Which is fine because, let’s be honest, no one we know of has ever sent them back. But it registers about a 1, at best, on the originality scale.

For a sweet and thoughtful twist on sending flowers, how about giving a jar of love gifts, inspired by flowers? We’re talking lavender oil, flower pink nail polish, and chocolate roses. It’s romantic, thoughtful, and sure to be remembered.


Whether or not your sweetie has a sweet tooth, we can bet they won’t say no to candy on Valentine’s Day, but perhaps we skip the large heart-shaped box this year? For a fun, nostalgic twist, how about candy heart messages in a mason jar. You remember them, with such sweet phrases like, “Be Mine” and “Kiss Me.” But if you’re feeling boxed in by the standard messages, now you can order your own custom hearts featuring your own romantic sweet nothings.


Cliché, yes. Will anyone complain that they got jewelry for Valentine’s Day? No. Options abound at all price points, but you can never go wrong with classic cufflinks, a timeless wristwatch, or a solitaire necklace. But for a thoughtful twist on the traditional, tuck a love note into the gift box to make the gesture even more romantic.


An old-fashioned gesture of love, poetry can be mushy, silly, yet oh-so romantic all at the same time. And even if no one seems to share their affection through poetry anymore, we still love the idea of expressing yourself through the written word.

For a new-fashioned twist, try selecting passages that speak from your heart and assembling them in a jar of quotes gift for your valentine. Or if you’re feeling inspired to take pen to paper and write your own love notes, whether they rhyme or not, a love note jar of your handwritten notes is a sweet and loving gesture.

This Valentine’s Day, we say pay no mind to the nay-sayers and shower your SO with love, love, love. Whether you go with the standbys or try a twist on the traditional, there’s no wrong way—or day— to tell someone you love them.

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