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Gift Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

The holiday season is filled with traditions like listening to your favorite holiday music, baking sweet treats, or dressing up the whole family in matching cozy pajamas. And, of course, there’s holiday shopping. Shopping for holiday gift ideas is one tradition that can be a bit stress-inducing, especially since Americans seem to be going more and more over-the-top with their gift-giving. The average American spends $920 per year on holiday gifts, a number that has been climbing steadily since 2008.

But, we’re here to tell you that holiday gifts don’t have to break the bank. So, we offer these suggestions for affordable holiday gifts that anyone on your list would love to receive, and you will feel great about giving.

Handwriting Bracelet

handwriting bracelet

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A handwriting bracelet is sure to be a favorite because it creates a piece of beautiful keepsake jewelry from actual handwriting. This inexpensive gift idea is a thoughtful way to cherish the memory of a passed loved one or send your love for a long distance relationship gift. A handwriting bracelet is a great girlfriend gift, gift for mom, or gift for your sister.

Indoor S’Mores

indoor s'mores gift

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Everyone loves s’mores, but not everyone can just light up a campfire and make them anytime they want. So we present to you with the Indoor S’More Maker. This tabletop unit comes with an electric flameless heater for safe indoor marshmallow roasting, lazy Susan compartments for all the s’mores fixings, and roasting forks. This is a fun and affordable holiday gift for kids, family gift, couples gift, or inexpensive gift for anyone who loves s’mores (which is everyone, right?).

Mini Diffuser

mini diffuser gift idea

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Essential oil diffusers provide many benefits to homes and workspaces by setting a positive atmosphere filled with pleasant scents and improving your mood through the power of aromatherapy. But diffusers can run a pretty penny. This compact diffuser will do the trick just fine and at a price tag that makes it a very givable gift. This affordable gift for her or him will look great in their home office, in baby’s room, or you can even treat yourself and turn your bathroom into a spa.

Succulent Candles

mini succulents candles gift

Photo by

We all know those people who love plants but just can’t seem to keep them alive. Just because they don’t have a green thumb doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t get to enjoy these cute little succulents. The best part about them is no green thumbs are required—these are candles! These are affordable holiday gifts for her, thoughtful holiday hostess gifts, and gifts for co-workers they are sure to love.

Birthstone Ornaments

birthstone ornaments

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Holiday ornaments are affordable holiday gifts for kids and fun holiday gifts for families. And these birthstone ornaments are sure to be the most unique ornaments on their tree. These handmade gifts are one-a-kind blown glass globes that come in the colors of each month’s birthstone. Made from rock dust from St. Helen’s 1980 eruption, this is a perfect gift for nature-lovers and for the person who has everything.

Uplifting Notes

Who wouldn’t want a daily positive note of inspiration? To tell you that your best is good enough and that your smile lights up a room? You can give your loved ones just that with KindNotes. KindNotes is a gift of 31 thoughtful notes tucked into decorative envelopes, nestled in a glass keepsake jar. It is a beautiful hostess gift, friendship gift, inspirational gift, co-worker gift, or inexpensive gift for anyone on your list. KindNotes spreads cheer and positivity and will look great on a holiday mantle, desk, or anywhere in the home or office.


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