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Express Your Sympathy with Thoughtful Condolence Gifts

When someone you care about loses a loved one, it can be difficult to know exactly what to say or do. Or how to best express your sympathy. Besides offering a listening ear, giving a thoughtful sympathy gift can offer some comfort during a difficult time, and show that you care. Whether you’re looking for a gift to honor the memory of the loved one or to help your friend through the grieving process, these are some of the best condolence gifts to show your love and support.  

The Five Minute Journal

Condolence Gifts

Photo by papersource.com

Everyone deals with grief in their own way. While some will want to talk about it, others will prefer to process it internally. And writing down their thoughts and feelings just might help them put words to the emotions in their heart. Giving a journal and a nice pen as a condolence gift to someone you’re close to is a caring gesture to help your loved one process their grief. 

In Loving Memory Wind Chimes

Condolence Gifts

Photo by etsy.com

The gentle, meditative melody of wind chimes can be a soothing sound that helps your close friend or family member think of fond memories with their loved one -- every time the wind blows. This set of wind chimes is a beautiful condolence gift they can hang on their porch or deck that just might help them process their grief and remember all the good times they had together.

Family Memorial Print

Condolence Gifts

Photo by etsy.com

When a beloved family member gets their angel wings, everyone can feel their loving arms around them. Give them a beautiful reminder that their loved one is always in their hearts with this custom-made memorial print. Choose the attributes so the artist can create an image in each family member’s likeness, and add the personalization of your choice. A sentimental condolence gift the whole family will cherish for years to come. 

Wooden Memory Box

Condolence Gifts

Photo by amazon.com

Preserving the memories of a loved one through photos, letters, and other memorabilia can help both children and adults deal with their loss. Giving the thoughtful condolence gift of this unfinished wooden box can give loved ones of all ages a creative activity. Pair your gift with art supplies so they can paint the box and decorate it in a meaningful way. 

Olive Tree Sapling

Condolence Gifts

Photo by food52.com

Planting a tree is a time-honored tradition to memorialize a loved one -- and a beautiful way to keep family memories alive. Being able to look at the tree as it grows over the years can bring great comfort to the family and give them a way to continue to nurture their loved one. This living sympathy gift will thrive in a sunny spot in the yard and provide beauty to the landscape for years to come. 

Meal Delivery

Condolence Gifts

Photo by freshly.com

When someone you love is dealing with the loss of a loved one, they may not have the time or energy to prepare meals. And once all the dropped-off casseroles have been eaten, they may still need a helping hand. A thoughtful condolence gift is a subscription to a meal delivery service that drops off freshly-prepared meals right to their doors. All they have to do is heat and eat. 

Notes of Sympathy

Condolence Gifts


Notes of inspiration and encouragement, and special memories can give your loved one something positive to reach for when they need it. KindNotes is a gorgeous keepsake jar filled with 31 notes from our library like “I hope you find some peace today,” “Someone so special can never be forgotten,” and “Take one day at a time.” A unique sympathy gift like this just might be the lift they need to deal with their loss and look forward to brighter days ahead. 

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