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The Best Birthday Gifts for Long Distance Boyfriend

Let’s face it, long distance relationships, a.k.a. LDRs, are tough. Especially during special occasions. Of course, you’d rather spend your boyfriend’s birthday together, but it isn’t always possible. And seeing the rest the happy couples of the world who get to spend time together every day, oblivious of just how lucky they really are—well, it can be hard to watch, can’t it?  

But believe us when we tell you that long-distance relationships are worth it. In fact, when done well, studies show that long distance couples can have the same or even higher levels of contentment and dedication in their relationship as couples who live close together. So, if you’re willing to put forth the effort, you just might be handsomely rewarded with a loving and fulfilling relationship.

But the hard reality of a long-distance relationship is you probably won’t be able to celebrate all your birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions together. But that doesn’t mean that they will be any less special. So when his birthday comes around—and you’re not going to be with him—find ways to let him know that he is in your heart.

How to celebrate a long-distance birthday

Embrace it for what it is.

So you won’t be together on your boyfriend’s birthday. So what. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Make the best of it and let him know that you are excited for his big day, even if you won’t see him. No, it may not be perfect, but no relationship is. And that’s okay.

Plan your next visit.

Don’t let the bummer of not being together on his birthday drag you down. Make plans for when you will get to see each other again. Incorporate fun things that you both enjoy doing and try adding in something new to keep it exciting and give you something to look forward to. 

Take advantage of technology.

Just think how lucky you are to be in an LDR in a time when connecting with people far away is easier than ever. So take advantage of the ability to connect with him on his birthday by texting, sending photos, and singing happy birthday to him—even if it’s off key— via FaceTime. 

But don’t depend on tech.

While it’s easy to connect over tech, nothing replaces the physical connection you feel when you smell an article of your boyfriend’s clothing or receive a letter written in his handwriting, right? Send him some of your personal mementos for his birthday so he will have something to hold onto when he’s missing you.  

Long distance birthday gifts

We get asked this all the time: What is the perfect birthday gift for my long distance boyfriend? When you are selecting a birthday gift to bridge the distance gap, let your heart decide. After all, it really is the thought that counts. There are plenty of meaningful long distance birthday gifts to choose from, but these are some of our favorites:

DIY picture coasters

Laminate your favorite photos and Mod Podge them onto cork squares. Thoughtful, practical.

Hidden message bracelet.

Have your sweet personalized message engraved inside a rugged leather bracelet.

Hand written love notes.

Rather than celebrating just his birthday, why not honor him throughout his birthday month with a sweet love note every day? Our beautiful, customizable jars are filled with 31 personalized messages that you select or write yourself, placed into decorative envelopes. We assemble and send it to you in a gorgeous gift box, ready for you to send. Perhaps you spritz each note with your personal scent, first? No question, this will be a meaningful gift he will cherish on his birthday and every day.

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