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Affordable and Unique Thoughtful Gifts

In this world wherein deeply touching gestures come with hefty price tags, choosing thoughtful gifts with only small price tags could be a challenge.However, fear not! In this blog, we'll uncover Affordable and Unique Thoughtful Gifts that will be irresistible treats for your loved ones without digging a hole in your pocket. On the one side, there are personalized jar presents, and on the other side, handmade little masterpieces for every reason and every pocket. So, let’s get started and explore together the ways you can show your affection in the most brilliant and sustainable way.

Whimsical Hearts Jar of Notes

Take your gift-giving game to the next level with our Whimsical Hearts Jar of Notes which is not only cheap but also unique and a great way to convey your love. This wonderful gift is created to remind your close ones of your love each and every day, with 31 personal notes hidden in a beautiful glass jar. Each note is slipped into a heart illustration designed envelope, therefore every message turns to touch their heart. By choosing this gorgeous jar of notes to celebrate any occasion, you will be able to remind your loved one how much you love and value them everyday without a special excuse.

Time Travel Jar of Notes

Take a ride of time and space with our Time Travel Jar of Notes, a wallet friendly and yet unique gift that's perfect for the thrill seeker! Whether it's for a friend, family, or loved one, the Around the World Jar of Notes is designed to share your thoughts and care. Within every note, you will find 31 messages penned by hand and are placed in a linen cardstock envelope which has brown lining to add a sophisticated feel. The jar is embellished with a atlas map motif crowned with a compass, giving an old and charming look that will satisfy any eye. You can give this glass jar keepsake for birthdays, anniversaries, or simply to celebrate the beautiful journey of friendship.

Enjoy Every Moment Jar of Notes

Create that cheerful and happy atmosphere with our Enjoy Every Moment Jar of Notes, a little and very special gift for you on a budget! It is certain to raise your spirits and spread laughter all around! Set in a little glass container, embellished with lovebirds on flowery twigs, blooming shades of lavender, magenta, and lilac, it represents a reminder to appreciate each moment. With vintage scripts in the background and a pink lining adding a classic touch, this unique keepsake is perfect for any celebration or simply to celebrate the beauty of friendship. Have your friends and family members shower you with love and appreciation with our Enjoy Every Moment Jar of Notes.


In a world where thoughtful gestures seem to be forgotten most often. KindNotes gives out a radiance and warmth through our wonderful and affordable jar gifts, that can be used to convey love, appreciation and support. Whether it's for congratulations, anniversaries, or sympathy, these thoughtful treasures will remain etched in your memory.

So, why not brighten someone's day with a jar of happiness and love? With KindNotes, every moment becomes an opportunity to spread joy and make memories that will be cherished forever. Shop now.

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