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7 of the Best Boss’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Mugs

Can we just take a moment to recognize all the head honchos who are somehow holding all the virtual workplaces together? This year hasn’t been easy for anyone. But those in charge of making the big decisions at work have had some doozies to make this year. So, this is the year to try really hard to remember to give your leader the best Boss’s Day gift. Ever. 

Doing a quick Google search of Boss’s Day gift ideas is sure to yield an impressive selection of coffee mugs, insulated mugs, travel mugs, and desktop mugs. For some reason, the world seems to think bosses need more coffee. But maybe all they really need is more love from their team. So,  here is our roundup of some of the best gifts for Boss’s Day. No mugs. 

Leather Mouse Pad

Boss's Day gifts

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Nothing says “you’ve arrived” like a leather mouse pad. Not only is this a stunningly gorgeous and super classy Boss’s Day gift idea, but it’s practical, too. Made from high-quality leather in four color options you can personalize, it’s soft, will protect her desktop, and offers just the right surface to keep her cursor cruising around her screen. Plus, she probably doesn’t already have one of these. 

Slim Stainless Steel Watch

Boss's day gifts for him

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Okay, this is the kind of Boss’ Day gift the whole office pitches in for but will be totally worth it because it will knock his socks off: a Michael Kors Stainless Steel Watch. He won’t be expecting his loyal crew to give him a designer watch as elegant and stylish as this. In fact, he’ll look forward to leaving the house just so he can slip this beauty on his wrist. It’s available in a variety of dial and band colors so you can find the combo that is so him

Funny Memo Pads

boss day gift ideas

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When you have the utmost respect for your boss and faith in their competence as a leader, it can be all that much more enjoyable to give a Boss’s Day gift for him or her that pokes a little fun--and even acknowledges that not every day is a great one. We’ve all been there. These novelty memo pads will likely ring a little too close to home in the funniest of ways and will give them a reason to smile, thanks to you. 

Best Boss Ever Box

boss day gifts for her

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If you can’t settle on just one Boss’s Day gift this year, why not get her a whole box full of boss swag? This one has all the things that will make her feel happy, loved, and appreciated like a “Goal Digger” scratchpad, “Slay All Day” pen, travel candle, desk calendar, confetti push-pop, and “Like a Boss” mug (we’re bending the no-mug rule because this one is so cute!). 

Personalized Hourglass

best boss day gifts

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Bosses spend a lot of time thinking. For those ever-important planning sessions, give them something to focus on, clear their mind, and help generate those million-dollar ideas. An hourglass is the desk accessory your boss didn’t know they needed, which makes it an excellent idea for a Boss’s Day gift. This one is even personalizable with up to 30 characters or a monogram, so it will literally have their name all over it. 

Brass Kaleidoscope

boss day gifts

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Most bosses have received all kinds of unusual Boss’s Day gifts over the years that probably just sit on shelves. This brass kaleidoscope won’t be one of them. Even though this is technically a toy, it is certainly not the kaleidoscope from your childhood. It’s also a conversation starter, meditation aid, and---let’s be honest--just really cool. Its mesmerizing patterns are somehow both relaxing and stimulating at the same time (look at these!), and the classy brass exterior will look great on their desk. 

Boss’s Day Gift Notes

Being the leader can sometimes feel like a thankless job. Show your appreciation for all the decisions big and small that your boss makes on the daily and all the times they have your back with Boss’s Day letters from KindNotes. KindNotes is a keepsake glass jar filled with 31 notes tucked into decorative envelopes your boss can open all at once or anytime they need a pick-me-up. Choose from our Completed Sets, available in a variety of designs he or she will love. Start shopping for ideas for Boss’s Day gifts now. 

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