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5 Pet Sympathy Gifts That Show You Care

For many pet owners, their beloved furry friend is as much a member of the family as any human in the household. So, when a pet passes away, it can be just as difficult to process as the loss of a family member.

When someone you care about experiences the loss of a pet, you may not know exactly what to say or how to offer pet loss sympathy. These thoughtful pet sympathy gifts honor the memory of their pet while providing your compassion and support to your loved one who is grieving.  

Personalized Pet Memorial Stones

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This miniature handmade pet memorial stone is a sweet way to celebrate the life of the family dog or cat. Choose from 2” or 3” dark or light-colored stones with a dog paw print, cat paw print, or heart icon. Then add your own personalization of the pet’s name. This beautiful stone is a meaningful gift that will help the memory of the beloved pet live on.

Pet Memorial Necklace

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If she enjoys wearing fashionable jewelry, she will love a pet memorial necklace that commemorates her precious pet. This stylish charm necklace includes sterling silver paw print, angel wing, initial disk, and birthstone charms—all on a sterling silver chain she can wear close to her heart, like the memories of her pet. This beautiful necklace is sure to bring a smile to her face and help her remember all the joyous times she spent together with her pet.

Pet Remembrance Keychain

pet remembrance gift

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Memorialize the family pet with a photo keychain, a pet sympathy gift that any member of the family can carry with them--on their backpacks, in their purse, anywhere. Seeing photos of the beloved pet can bring comfort during difficult times, and this photo keychain can always be close at hand. This double-sided keychain says, “Once by my side, forever in my heart,” on the front and features your custom photo of the pet on the back.

Plantable Paper Dog Bones or Cat Faces

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Delicate blue blossoms of Forget-Me-Nots are a thoughtful gesture of pet remembrance you can share with anyone who is grieving the loss of their beloved companion. These plantable paper dog bones or cat faces are made from recycled paper and contain Chinese Forget-Me-Not seeds. Each set comes with a notecard that includes a planting instruction poem on one side with the opposite side open for your custom pet sympathy messages.

Pet Sympathy Cards

When words are difficult to come by, sometimes you can find just the right sentiments in a pet sympathy card. While a store-bought—or even handmade-- greeting card is a kind expression of pet sympathy, give them a keepsake pet sympathy memorial they can reach for during those difficult milestone days or when grief unexpectedly appears.  

KindNotes is a keepsake gift of 31 notes of comfort and compassion you can give to anyone who is grieving the loss of their pet. Our Completed Sets feature our most popular designs for you to choose from—there is truly something for everyone. Select the pet sympathy message category, and we will assemble your gift with 31 of our top-selling pet sympathy messages in quality cardstock envelopes, artfully arranged in a gorgeous glass jar, nestled in crinkle cut. Each jar is stylishly embellished with coordinating ribbon or raffia and a KindNotes charm.

Your recipient can open all 31 notes at once, one a day, or anytime they need to feel your comfort and solace. Our pet sympathy messages include such soothing words as:

“Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.”

“The memory of your companion will live with you forever.”

“Your love made a difference in the life of your cherished friend.”

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