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I was so excited when I found KindNotes! I just moved across the country for college this past January. This v-day was also my boyfriend and I's 1 year anniversary and we had to spend it states apart from each other. I wanted the perfect gift to send to him. However, I was having trouble finding a gift that wasn't too V-day oriented because I was more excited for our anniversary and I knew he would be too. Plus, the gifts usually fell into 1 of 2 categories. Unbelievably sappy or not even remotely romantic. But KindNotes was perfect because it let me express how much I care about him not just on V-day but everyday. Plus it was romantic without being so over the top that a guy would be embarrassed by it. And it was very well received. My boyfriend said that when he got it he liked it so much that he sat down and opened all the notes right then. He didn't want to wait the whole month! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to let a guy know how much they care without compromising their masculinity

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