Unique Long Distance Birthday and Relationship Gifts and Tips

At Kindnotes.com we have been helping couples, families and friends in long distance relationships for years. Our note jars have brought happiness to hundreds and are the perfect way to let someone far away or close by know that you are thinking of them. Our notes are as unique as you want them to be since you can pick from dozens of pre-made notes for every occasion or write your own to truly show someone what they mean to you. On our blog our writers and romance experts talk about long distance relationships, being away from family, friendships and more. Check out some of the ideas for thoughtful gifts from our writers or read insights into how to maintain your long distance relationship as well as maintaining friendships and connection with family. It’s never a bad time to let someone know you are thinking of them.

Say It Your Way, in a Unique Way with KindNotes®


It can be difficult to zero in on the perfect gift for mothers, whether it’s for a birthday, Mother’s Day or any other day; while some are easier to buy for than others, it isn’t always a cut-and-dry process choosing a great gift for Mom. KindNotes® offers unique gifts for the hard-to-buy-for Mom on everyone’s gift lists.

Our KindNotes® are available in jars of various styles, colors and themes, and you can take advantage of our beautiful, thoughtful pre-made notes or choose to have your notes customized. These are very popular for any time you want to let Mom know how much you care, even when you can’t be there. Continue reading

Fusion Bites, Creator of Pho Sliders on Steamed “Banh Bao” Buns, Opens in Fountain Valley, California

Fusion Bites, Creator of Pho Sliders on Steamed “Banh Bao” Buns and Eggroll Fries, Opens inside the Ayres Hotel in Fountain Valley, California February 24, 2014.

We want to congratulate one of our family members, Rosa Tong Heidler, on her new restaurant, Fusion Bites! Fusion Bites is an Asian Fusion Tapas style restaurant with a full service bar, including wines from all over the world as well as a great Sake list. The Grand Opening was on February 24, 2014 and since then, we’ve visited her restaurant many times, not only for support, but more so for her creative and mouth-watering dishes! One of them includes the Pho Slider on a steamed bun. Pho is a popular street food in Vietnam and is the specialty of a number of restaurant chains around the world. She took that and concocted a unique dish that is already creating a buzz as you read this!

Fusion Bites Original Pho Slider on Steambed Buns

Shown is the Kalbi Beef Slider

Another one of her unusual and addicting creations is the Eggroll Fries. It’s crispy wonton on the outside, filled with mashed potatoes on the inside, served with a truffle sauce that you cannot stop dipping. A simple appetizer, but what an ingenious idea!

Fusion Bites Original Eggroll Fries Fusion Bites Hamachi Pizza

Here’s more information from Fusion-Bites.com:

“Fusion Bites is an Orange County restaurant establishment focused on modern Asian Fusion cuisine, re-imagined and packed into the perfect bite.

We have taken popular dishes from various Asian cultures, deconstructed them and repackaged their flavors into the perfect bite. Dinstincly unique, every Fusion Bites Slider starts with handcrafted steamed buns loaded with Asian Fusion cuisine, drawing upon sophisticated influences from China, Vietnam, Japan, Korea and Thailand…”

Fusion Bites Fountain Valley, California Sea Urchin PastaFusion Bites Fountain Valley, California Tuna Tartare

Dishes to try are the Sea Urchin Pasta (Uni lovers, must try), Hamachi Pizza, Tuna Tartare, Miso Soup, and of course the other sliders on steamed buns: Kalbi Beef and Umami.

Fusion Bites Fountain Valley California Fusion Bites Fountain Valley California Fusion Bites Fountain Valley CaliforniaFusion Bites Fountain Valley California

The décor and ambience is a plus! Next time you’re in the area, be sure to stop by to try unique dishes that can only be found at Fusion Bites, located inside the new Ayres Hotel in Fountain Valley.

KindNotes Unique Valentine’s Day Gift on TODAY with Jill, Kathie Lee & Hoda!



Did you catch us on the Today Show with Jill, Kathie Lee & Hoda?! Jill showed a variety of neat gift ideas for Valentine’s Day and KindNotes was included! Kathie Lee & Hoda received our Heart Garden jar with personalized messages. On display was also our Kisses jar of messages. They also showed a variety of other designs we have available. Anyone can appreciate a jar of notes that will brighten their day, especially when they’re having one of those days! Did we mention these are perfect long distance relationship gifts?

Watch the video! KindNotes Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas on Today


Who We Are and Our Role on Valentine’s Day

Who says there has to be a special occasion to reach out to the ones you love? At KindNotes they believe that sharing a simple kindness or a moment of joyful memories with a thoughtful note is meant for more than just the random holiday–it is a gift to be given every day.

KindNotes specializes in creating one of a kind gift jars filled to the brim with sentiments that come straight from the heart. Each beautifully decorated jar contains 31 miniature love notes that have been personalized with heartfelt messages tailored just for the recipient. At KindNotes they’ve created a jar for every reason, occasion, and relationship, making sending a message of gratitude, inspiration, love, or friendship as simple as 1-2-3.
For loved ones who are far away, nothing will bring a smile to their face faster than receiving a KindNotes gift in the mail. Every day they’ll get to unwrap a private letter just for them that can be personalized with memories, inside jokes, favorite quotes, and more. When it’s hard to find the right words, KindNotes has a number of pre-developed themes to suit the situation and make the moment special.  These arrangements are the perfect way to share a daily moment of warmth and kindness with co-workers, clients, or acquaintances that could use a smile or support.
As a fun bonus, KindNotes has also created a line of Keepsake Gift Cards embellished with sweet sentiments and cheeky reasons for redeeming them. For the friend who has lost a loved one or whose spouse is
serving their country, slip them a Movie Night Out card and then make it one to remember. When it seems like life is moving at a whirlwind pace slip him a Quality Time Together gift card and be prepared with a few ideas to make the time special. With all of KindNotes’ innovative creations recipients can enjoy them in their own way as often as wanted, and extra cards, envelopes, and refill notes can be bought to grow the collection.

How to Remove White Stains from Granite Headstone or Tombstone and Keep it Clean

I know this is entirely off topic, but I wanted to share something I learned recently that might be helpful to you. It’s been almost one year since my father passed away. Whenever I visit him at the cemetery, I would notice that his headstone (tombstone) has been weathered down. When I wipe it with water, the white layer (buildup, water deposits, water spots, etc) reappears after it dries. Last week, my son and I visited my dad, (both) determined to do a good cleanup for his headstone:

Headstone Before

Headstone Before

I brought with us Granite Gold Daily Cleaner, towels and water. I wiped it down as much as I could, but as soon as the cleaner or water dried, the white layer reappeared! I kept at it for a while only to see the same disappointing results time after time. I went home that evening determined to find a solution.

The very next day, I picked up new supplies and visited my dad. After an hour and a half of serious cleaning, it was a success! So much so, that I proceeded to clean two more headstones that same day for my grandparents. One headstone is about 10 years old, but now, all three looks shiny like new. I missed the edges, but this is how it looks now (only the text has been photoshopped):

Headstone After

Headstone After

I’m so excited about this that I had to write a post to share with you how to clean headstone or tombstones (despite it not having anything to do with gifts, letterwriting, etc). To be clear, this post is to share what worked for me (on black granite headstones); it may or may not work for you. Please follow at your own discretion. Test a small area first.


  • Water
  • 3” Plastic Putty Knife
  • Microfiber Towel


  1. Wipe down with water and let dry
  2. Remove white stains by scraping back and forth at a 45 degree angle with a putty knife (dust off the debris on the headstone and putty knife as you go along; slow down and be extra careful in areas where there are text or details)
  3. When scraping is finished, wipe down with water

Optional: Wipe down with Granite Gold Daily Cleaner; then Buff in Granite Gold Polish and gently wipe excess (see manufacturer directions)

A plastic putty knife is the secret to removing buildup from granite. Now I just use water to wipe it clean. Please let me know if this post was helpful to you!

Unique Valentine Gifts

Valentine's Day Gift - Heart GardenMany people search for the perfect and unique Valentine gifts.  Common gift ideas include sending a large boutique of red roses, reserving the best table at a fancy restaurant, giving chocolate, or even giving stuffed animals.  These gifts are not the icons and symbols of unique Valentine gifts.  In fact, they are far from it.  KindNotes knows this and has therefore prepared the most unique Valentine gifts available for the holiday and any occasions.

What makes unique Valentine gifts?  It is a gift that is both insightful and different than the norm.  However it is important to resonate with the holiday.  For instance it would be out-of-place to buy someone a new vacuum for Valentine’s Day, even if they needed it.  So what is resonance?  Resonance is a gift that reminds someone of another gift, or fits the general theme of the holiday.  KindNotes are perfect unique Valentine gifts because they resonate between the giver and the receiver.

Daily Dose of My Love Jar of Love Notes

KindNotes are individually enveloped messages of love, affection, and adoration, in a giant customized and similarly decorated jar.  KindNote notes can be generic from a prewritten list we have prepared, or they can be customized to express to your loved ones exactly how you feel about them.  KindNotes are a perfect complement to any Valentine’s gift, regardless of whether the gift is unique or not, because KindNotes are unique Valentine gifts. KindNotes are similar to the cards given with flowers: simple sentiments expressed in the perfect medium.

There is no better way to tell your loved one how you feel for them than giving a KindNotes. Kind Notes are always available to be read throughout the year, not just something to be received once and then discarded because the gift perished, such as flowers, was enjoyed and eaten, such as chocolate, or otherwise intransient. KindNotes can be kept forever without difficulty.

So when looking for unique Valentine gifts, remember that Kind Notes are exactly that.  They are non-intrusive, no one is allergic to them, they store well, they are always available, and best of all, they say exactly what you want them to say

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is known throughout the world as the day for expressions of romantic love.  Valentines Day Gift JarValentine’s Day is celebrated between lovers and friends as a time to remember how important they are in their lives.  It is not uncommon during Valentine’s Day to reserve dinner at a restaurant, send flowers, and give chocolate.  The only problem is that many Valentine’s Day gifts are perishable: Flowers wilt, chocolate stales, and dinner is quickly finished and forgotten.  With that in mind, Kind Notes is a unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, while expressing love, affection, and appreciation, that is permanent, won’t wilt or stale, and is always appropriate.

KindNotes are short messages, similar to what people write on cards with flowers that are in individual envelopes encased in a matching note jar.  KindNotes are to be taken from the jar and read at the owners leisure and convenience … in fact they are perfect anytime when someone needs or wants a reminded of how the giver feels and felt for them.

KindNotes never go out of style, they are professionally manufactured and designed to be both aesthetically beautiful without being garish or overbearing.  KindNotes are available in a wide range of prewritten and prepackaged messages, ready to be shipped immediately to make any Valentine’s Day deadline, or if that is too impersonal for your loved one, at KindNotes we can easily create custom notes, envelopes, and jars without difficulty.  At KindNotes we understand that Valentine’s Day is a special day and we are excited to help be a part of it.

In fact the very history of KindNotes reflects the character and theme of Valentine’s Day.  After meeting each other, one of the owners sent small reminders, or KindNotes as they are known as now, to the other.  It was meant as a way of letting the other person know how they felt without being too intrusive.  The partner kept the notes because they meant so much and the idea was born.

Contact KindNotes now to get started on creating the perfect Valentine’s gift that will be remembered for years to come.

One Maid of Honor’s Attempt at the Ultimate Wedding Registry

As a newly-appointed maid of honor, you’ll likely be a mixed bag of emotions: ecstatic, overwhelmed, anxious, honored…you name it, you’re probably feeling it. You’ll be put in charge of many aspects of planning the wedding, which will often include putting together the registries. This may seem like a simple task, but every bride and groom is different, and each couple should be carefully considered individually when it comes to determining what gifts are best. Start by sitting them down and having a chat to figure out what it is they really want and need, no matter how well you think you know them.

wall art flickr orkomedix

Photo Courtesy of Flickr Orkomedix

Browse, Browse, Browse

Many couples will have already purchased most of the larger items for their home, such as a bed, couch, tables, dressers, and cabinets. You may decide to focus the first registry on smaller items that are a bit less traditional, but perhaps fit the couple better. Is the couple always laughing and being goofy? Is a perfect night to them cooking together, having a couple beers, and watching an old movie? Do they love to be outside? You might consider décor items like personalized artwork and frames, or perhaps go for ideas that are a bit more DIY. Looking through various gift pages (what’s YOUR bride’s favorite?) will serve as a great starting point to gather a grouping of items the bride and groom would love.

travel flickr nhanusek

Photo Courtesy of Flickr Nhanusek

Capitalize On Traditions

In today’s world, many people have taxing jobs and rarely get to travel, so the honeymoon is an exciting chance to get away. You could allow guests to contribute to this special trip, and put together a registry of travel-related essentials. The registry can include his and hers luggage sets, personalized luggage tags and passport holders, or travel “emergency” kits for each of them that feature a variety of toiletries and other pampering products. You can even take this a step further and give guests the opportunity to have a hand in planning the trip. Come up with a list of activities the bride and her fiancé would both love, and give guests the option to purchase one of these as a gift to be enjoyed on the honeymoon. Depending on where the couple is traveling, you could include things like couple’s massages at one of their hotels, a trip to a vineyard or a bike tour around local historical sites.

movies digital trends

Photo Courtesy of Digital Trends

Think Outside the Blender Box

In addition to gift registries for the home and the honeymoon, you can create a registry that’s a bit more alternative, but that will speak directly to some of the bride and groom’s favorite things to do. If they love watching movies, give guests the opportunity to purchase a membership for the bride and groom at their local independent theater, where they can attend screenings and other events, or a month-long membership from Movie Pass, where they can see any movie at any theater. If the bride and groom both like to cook, guests could sponsor them for a cooking class together.

So long as you keep the bride and groom in mind, though, you can’t really go wrong—the thought you put into it will be evident and appreciated.




Make Lightning McQueen from a Cardboard Box DIY

Lightning McQueen from a Cardboard Box
A little behind-the-scenes in our KindNotes family! In July, we posted a photo of Lightning McQueen we made out of a cardboard box for my son’s 4th birthday party. As promised, here’s how it was made, thanks to the help of Green Acres Hobby Farm!
lightning mcqueen diy
Tools: one large box, pen, colored paper (orange, black, yellow, red, white), ruler, scissors/exacto knife, glue, tape, one can of red spray paint, large trash bag or something to put under while painting, printer
1. Find a large cardboard box
2. Cut out all the bottom flaps and discard or save for the wheels (I cut only partials of the bottom flaps because I wanted the car to be higher)
3. Now on to the top of the box: cut the two shorter flaps and save them for later (Tip: exacto knife is easiest and use it to cut against a ruler)
4. Draw lines similar to what I have shown in black (the grey line is the original opening of the box)
5. Cut accordingly so that in the end, you will toss the triangular pieces and what you should have left are shown in red.
mcqueen cutout
6. a.) tape the front flaps shown on the right of the image, b.) tape one of the shorter flaps you saved earlier to the triangular flaps and front flaps to create the windshield (Tip: I used shipping tape because it was all we had, but masking tape is recommended so the paint doesn’t peel. Try to tape it nicely because you can still see the outlining of the tape even after you spray paint it)
7. Use the last shorter flap you saved earlier to cut out a spoiler. Leave extra space along the bottom so that you can attach it to the car easier. Put aside.
8. Place car on top of large trash bag and start spray painting the car in rows of paint. I used one standard size can and it allowed me to do two coats all over perfectly. (Tip: Don’t spray too close to the box or the paint will run and drip)
9. Paint the spoiler on both sides, two coats
10. While the paint is drying, go online to find free clip art for the yellow lightning, Mcqueen’s number 95, his smile, wheels eyes, etc. (email us at info@kindnotes.com and we can send you what we have)
11. Print and cut out all the shapes, then trace them onto colored paper
12. Adhere the cutouts to the car (Tip: I used a bowl and exacto knife to cut the wheels from the bottom cardboard flaps)
Lightning McQueen Photo Backdrop Racecar Decoration
We found a home for Lightning McQueen in a photo backdrop for our son’s birthday party. The kids got to climb in and even the adults were able to put McQueen over their heads for some fun photos. Next time, I’ll show you how to create this race car themed photo backdrop!

Gifts for Men

Unique Gifts for MenEveryone knows that it can be difficult to shop for men.  Finding the perfect gifts for men that express sentiments can be even more difficult.  We especially understand that at KindNotes.  In fact, the very first KindNote was given by the owner to her then-boyfriend-soon-to-be-husband.  The owner wanted a way to let the person she was dating know how important he was to her without being overly sentimental or pretentious.  With that in mind, she created KindNotes as way for him to learn of her feelings and affections at his own pace, when he had time, without feeling overwhelmed.

KindNotes are, in the most basic sense, messages in envelopes in a matching jar.  The messages can either be selected from the various messages we offer, or they can be personalized and customized.  KindNotes can then be given in a number of different ways.  The entire jar of notes can be given at once, or, one message can be given at a time, etc.  This allows the giver to give messages and gifts at appropriate times to the receiver, or allows the receiver to read the notes at their leisure.

KindNotes make a great gift for men because they can be metered out, so as not to be overwhelming and to avoid flooding them with all messages at once, or in a batch to be read on the receiver’s time.  This makes it easy for men to interact with the gift as often as they want.

Also remember that KindNotes can be about any subject.  KindNotes are not restricted to messages of love and affection.  KindNotes can also be about getting well, expressing gratitude, notes and thoughts of enlightenment and inspiration, and more.  With our customizable options, KindNotes can be tailored to be inside jokes between friends that no one else would ever be able to fully appreciate and understand.

KindNotes are great for men because they are convenient, permanent, and they can be reread time and time again.  There is no easier way to tell someone what you think of them, time and time again, than to give KindNotes.